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  1. Thanks, so are shrimp like insects with the XX-XO system, and is the female the XX? I am guessing so... and that whatever is making the orange male shrimp is sex linked recessive. I guess there is also always the possibility that it's coincidence, or there is a lethal gene, so that a female having two expressions of orange would not develop properly. Lethal genes are a PITA for calculating odds. And coincidence happens. Kate
  2. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if Neocaridina have the same type of gender determining genetics as vertebrates IE XX XY chromosomes for gender or is it different in invertebrates? I have some Bloody Mary culls that are quite orange and always it's males. I put two of them in a 5.5 gallon with a nice standard female red and all the babies are red, I can remove a female from the F1 (is that a term in invertebrates? I am used to breeding fish and birds...) generation and put with one of these new orange males and see what happens, assuming it's a simple thing of the female being a carrier o
  3. Did you ever find them? My Bloody Mary line throws shrimp that look like that.
  4. thanks... I do like the dark ones particularly with rili but I don't know if it's fair to sell them til I know the reason. Will check out the salty shrimp stuff. I have been so skeptical of mineral supplements after my years of reef keeping... shops sell a 1.5 cup jar of baking soda for 26 bucks if it has the right brand label on it. Ditto calcium, and super dilute forms of iodine. I mostly tried this experiment because I didn't know what was killing the snowballs. Tried multiple tanks with a line that had been solid for years, and it was down to one pair, the female being very old. They
  5. They are in a 5, a 10 and a 20L, all darkened. Not every shrimp in the tank but a significant number and possibly it's increasing. Took a couple pics, not the greatest but in the first one you see that almost black female on the right.
  6. Hi I have had a solid healthy line of bloody mary shrimp going for a few years that is darkening in color dramatically over the last few months, and I am trying to find out why. One possible reason: about half a year ago I began hardening their water mostly due to losses in my snowball tank and partly due to our very soft water here in Portland OR. I have been hardening it with marine aquarium salt. I read the following article, and thought they might benefit from more mineral and salt content, and assumed the trace amounts of extra minerals in Kent Sea Salt would have a negli
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