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  1. I have PRL PBL BB SP Shadow Mosura WR RKK BKK Red Bolts Black Pintos Golden Bees
  2. Food pack 1: Buy 20gr SuperGreens, 15gr Protein, 20gr Fury and get 20gr Snowflake pellets for free. Price $25 shipped. Food pack 2 : Buy 15gr Rise, 20gr Shine , 20gr Fury and get 20gr Snowflake pellets for free. Price $25 shipped.
  3. To tell you the true. I wont waste time with such a project. I would buy cheap fancy tigers $15-25 each and will start from there. I'm on gen 8 already and still pretty far away from good colony. There are some very good shrimps but not enough stable population. Rest are much lower quality than exiting "cheap fancy tigers.My problem might be that I mixed red tigers with red bolt instead with CRS ,who can tell. breeders in Taiwan have better track on genetics of their shrimps and can predict and skip mistakes better than us. In near future I will probably cancel my experiment and will go toward selective breeding of the FT I've got already. If you want just to experiment with mixing gene pools better do a tank with all the shrimps you can buy. From there after 2-3 generations you can select and try to breed 2-3 variations.
  4. Thank you for the update. Beautiful shrimps!
  5. Years ago I've used 1mg/gal of fenbendazole. It usually takes 2 treatments 2 days apart if i remember correctly. It works 100% You can research again .Just in case,
  6. Hi I have some BB,PRL,PBL,Pintos,WR. home breed.
  7. For me that is the order :Red pintos,Blue Bolts,Shadow Pandas,Wine Reds.
  8. A lot of tanks. Looking at them is more scary than hearing the number 140 Grant You are my hero!
  9. ADA Amazonia regular for ph 5.8-6 or Africana for PH 5.2-5.5. best for me is 1.5" Africana topped with 1.5' Amazonia for long run 2.5-4 years.
  10. Hey. I have tanks with ADa Amazonia for 4.5 years now. PH is still 5.8 max. But my RO/DI system produce water with ph 5.5.After 2.5-3 years breeding slow down a lot .Then you can replace substrate or to add some powders to keep tank running for 1-1.5 more years. For me it is best substrate ever.
  11. Let me see how many I can collect.tomorrow when I'm feeding firs and will lyk.
  12. Those guys will be coming from WR,WR no-entry,red pinto tanks. Price will be $5 each shipping $15 with hold for pickup option.If you are still interested lmk and I'll try to catch them all and to count how many I have in stock.
  13. Hi I can supply them. Grade will be from low to medium.If you are interested i can provide pictures.
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