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    X wildlife rehader,woodworking,pc gamer,Herps,poisondart frogs,nano aquariums,asatru Gothar.family.
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    holloween crabs,eletric blue crayfish,green jade neos,crs

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  1. i feed daily i rotate between Han special blend,sl-aqua more meat,s&c Aquatics shrimp wafer,lowkeys spiral,ebitabreed spinach tab,sl-aqua baby shrimp,csf baby pro.Once a week i alternate spirulina for the baby food or bacter ae.once a month i give boss aquaria shrimpy pops.oh yea once a week vegies
  2. very nice videos ,good luck with the shrimp
  3. thx,another nice video.Green jades are one of my favorites,probably my favorite
  4. nice video, i checked out your youtube channel and subscribed i liked the videos. alot of great info thx. my youtube name is deadboynyc
  5. this is probaby a silly question,I am trying to make some homemade shrimp food and was wondering if my green jades would be ok if i mixed in some Tilapia?
  6. Hello. I seen them advertised at Alpha pro breeders.com I dont know how good they are ,i have never order from them
  7. Hiya, my name is Jeff eveyone calls me krow. I am an ex wild life rehabber who is very bad at spelling .I love everthing to do with amphibians,Herps,invertbrates .Like Shrimp crays and crabs.Me and my wife (who loves Axolotis) are vegans we grow a lot of our own food.we live in New York.with our 2 human sons we have 2 other human 1 boys and a girl as well as 2 grandchildern .Now for our favorite kids(jk) we have many rescues which include 2 rabbits(female lionshead male dwarf), 1 female guinea pig ,3 juvenile bearded dragons 2 males 1 female, 2 male fire belly toads 1 female (Always looking fo
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