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  1. I do have flourish, but i was a bit worried the nitrate and other minerals are gonna mess with my tds. U think its shrimp safe?
  2. Considering what you said, i immersed it. Just checked the tag and it is Helanthium Tenellum. Hopefully these plants work out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So i just picked up a plant from my LFS. The shop owners a cool guy and he informed me this is gonna be an easy one. Forgot what it was called. I plan on putting the pyrex in my 10 gal once the plants are rooted so the shrimp and snails cant uproot them. my question is how long should i keep it in this condition until u think the plants are stuck in there. and also at the same time, will the plants even grow if i leave it out like this? there is an led light shining over it of course
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