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  1. My first halfsider shrimplet! Used my iPhone as it has been hiding quite a bit and was excited to catch a glimpse
  2. In case someone is willing to pay the higher price ... https://www.sevenseasupply.com/collections/dennerle/products/dennerle-shrimp-king-sulwesi-salt-gh-kh
  3. I have not gone through my MK Breed Blood Diamond as quickly as I thought I would and now I have noticed some clumps in it. Should I just toss it or is that normal? It is properly stored in a cool place and it is probably about 5 or 6 months old. Thanks!
  4. 1. ahboram 2. Dluxeshrimps 3. Qawsican 4. Slycat929
  5. Thanks for the info. I guess I will just wait and see what happens.
  6. Is there a particular reason why you want your pH so low? I will say that most TB will breed well at 6.0 and stability is the most important thing. As for the Brightwell, a pH of 6.0 may be appropriate depending on what your RO pH is to start with. If you really want to get your pH lower, you may want to consider ADA Africana.
  7. Hello All, For those of you who are keeping various types of rabbit snails together, have you noticed any hybridization? I am just getting into the Sulawesi tanks, but I decided to buy a variety of Tylomelania instead of sticking to one type. I am just curious as to whether I should expect some different shell and body colors to start popping up. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the link to that post! I had not seen that before.
  9. I had read that as well, I was just wondering if anyone had tried it.
  10. Has anyone tried mixing tangerine tigers with aura blue? I am curious as to what the results would look like. Thanks!
  11. http://buypetshrimp.com/shrimp-nature-shield-15-grams-immunity/ http://buypetshrimp.com/shrimp-nature-brown-30-grams-supports-overall-health/ http://www.theshrimptank.com/vitamin-health-aids/glasgarten-betaglucan-immunglobulin/ Those above are supposed to specifically help with immunity, although I only use the shrimp nature ones. I rotate it through my feeding schedule with an assortment of other foods thrown into the mix. In general, I think having a well balanced feeding regimen is key.
  12. Any updates on the f2 generation?
  13. So, I checked my parameters today and here it is: pH 7.4, TDS 210, gh9, kh4, temp 74. They are exact same conditions that I use for my royal blue tigers, except maybe a little cooler for the RBT. Of note, the seller did keep them in TB parameters, so I don't know if maybe they will start to slowly die off, but no deaths in the past few months, only breeding.
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