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  1. My first halfsider shrimplet! Used my iPhone as it has been hiding quite a bit and was excited to catch a glimpse
  2. Any updates on the f2 generation?
  3. I have been in and out of the shrimp hobby for a while, but I will say that I have ordered from blue crown on many occasions and they have excellent stock. Their shrimp have all been quality for me and they tend to be quite accommodating. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them.
  4. I have always been intrigued by the genetics bicolor shrimp. For instance, if you breed that shrimp back to TB, will that impart those abnormal coloration genes to the offspring? That could be interesting!
  5. Dollar per gallon sale is going on now.
  6. Shipping is always fast and Erik has quality products! Thank you!
  7. Bought this guy as an extreme blue bolt, but I find the coloration on the head very interesting.
  8. I just received some shrimp nature products and they look great! Also love the samples! Thanks!
  9. Red TB tank attacking blanched spinach
  10. Ruby red trying to run away with the food Fancy red tiger from blue crown
  11. First berried TB Royal blue tiger shrimplet
  12. I received an order of multiple types of shrimp and I am very happy with them all! Easy acclimation to my tanks and the deep blue bolts and fancy red tigers look amazing!
  13. Just got in a shrimpment of male golden backs to add to my yellows. Fast shipping and packaged really well. They are looking great and will definitely be ordering from Blue Crown again!
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