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  1. All neos will interbreed. You can get yourself some Tangerine tigers, they are as hardy as neos.
  2. Everyone seems to prefer the 7x7x6 box. When using a breather bag get all the air out. Some use rubber bands others knot. Some double bag others don't. Always use your tank water Just make sure the bag doesn't leak.
  3. Not really, just like any other neo
  4. That is always a mystery. Plants, substrate...
  5. Go to an auto parts store and get the tape used for automotive emblems. Mine has been in the glass for 3 years without a problem. This is the one I use.
  6. I also have the Artic one. You can use double sided tape ( automotive grade ) and stick it to the glass.
  7. You can also try one like this. $10 bucks on eBay
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