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    Apparently Ghost Shrimp aren't always Ghost Shrimp. I have a breeding colony of likely Macrobrachium something pale and very small long arms. Red and orange red Ramshorns, PRL shrimp and looking at a couple other types to broaden the experience. Presently have Golden Bee, Red Bolt and mixed Bees - been keeping dwarf shrimp since May 2012.

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  1. Did you use the Brightwell Rio Escuro? If so, did you check / measure / know if it caused an ammonia spike when you started using the tank? Do you have any new pics of the build?
  2. Not sure which. I have a couple Oaks and had to trim with still green leaves /branches. After leaving the branches to dry just kept branches loose in a trash bag. It kept them from falling off and used and shared them as needed. Green leaves have more sugar content, nutrients, and chlorophyll,to be stored for the winter and prepare for the next spring. As fall comes the nutrients return to the tree to some degree and then they turn brown. Guava leaves are sold green and black. What I found you can't use as many dried green leaves, a smaller amount is
  3. Hello, I need a couple things. Orange red Bolts (pics please) and a package. Maybe Pinto spotted heads red and maybe fishbone culls if you have some. Pics would be great, thanks!
  4. Super late now! Yes! Still interested.
  5. Later to the party... but If you still have Red/Orange Bolts, and BB pics please? Wine Red and red head Pintos as well. And if you have some PRL, I am interested? Say a dozen or maybe more?
  6. The only shrimp I would have with fish is shrimp which not going to be missed if they are eaten. No costly shrimp or hard to breed ones. My success with fish and shrimp has been with only 1 fish which are Boraras Brigittae (there were a few B. Maculatus and B. Merah with them). Yes, they can be mixed carefully with fish, they can live together and you will have some some disappear and adults will usually make it but end with low shrimp survival to adulthood. Plecos, Sundadanios, CPD, Dario Dario, - snack/hunt, even the little nano Cories were borderline (saw reduced
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