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wyzazz's Feedback

  1. Tarantula424 left Positive feedback   

    I bought some supplies from Wyzazz and would highly recommend him. He was very helpful and answered my numerous questions. All the food and botanicals I ordered arrived well packaged and quickly. Can't ask for much more in a transaction.

    wyzazz was The Seller

  2. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Really nice, healthy looking, active royal blue tigers. Well packaged. Thanks, Danny!

    wyzazz was The Seller

  3. Epitaph left Positive feedback   

    Excellent packaging and shrimps! Highly recommended seller!

    wyzazz was The Seller

  4. AquaticShrimpNoob left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the wonderful OEBT's. I also appreciate all the advices and comments.

    wyzazz was The Buyer

  5. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Cute and very active little CRS. Thanks, Danny!

    wyzazz was The Seller

  6. BigJake left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Crystal Red Shrimp for Sale!
    The CRS were packed well and arrived safely. Were active and hungry right out of the box. Transaction was a pleasure. Thanks so much!

    wyzazz was The Seller

  7. Bribri21 left Positive feedback   

    very nice shrimp, very nice person

    wyzazz was The Seller

  8. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Shrimp arrived safely - very well packaged, and everyone looked healthy and very active. Thanks, Danny!

    wyzazz was The Seller

  9. Gotcha00 left Positive feedback   

    Some phenomenal looking OERBT! Totally would buy again. Thanks for the smooth transaction and super duper great customer service and shipping!

    wyzazz was The Seller

  10. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback   

    Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your Blue Dreams! :)

    wyzazz was The Buyer

  11. Wygglz left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction. I hope you enjoy the sunsets!

    wyzazz was The Buyer

  12. Perpetual151 left Positive feedback   

    Got my OEBTs and they look amazing! Great communication. Can’t wait to get more.

    wyzazz was The Seller

  13. Sipaboy left Positive feedback   

    Great deal

    wyzazz was The Seller

  14. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Very smooth transaction. Looking forward to making treats with the dust. Thanks, Danny!

    wyzazz was The Seller

  15. Shrimporama left Positive feedback   

    Love the mulberry dust. Thanks

    wyzazz was The Seller

  16. Snailer left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Mulberry Dust
    Great seller..... easy transaction!

    wyzazz was The Seller

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