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  1. I thought so... thanks for letting me know, that was the confirmation I needed.
  2. Lol, atleast you have acidic water It's very easy to make it alkaline... Just add sodium bicarbonate. (In a seperate container to test if it stays stable first) Water chemistry is.... fascinating but often frustrating and weird...
  3. I accidentally bred some yellow sakuras with a few red shrimps but I'm trying to breed them true (ish) again. This is what I am getting so far. Would you call these Orange sakuras once they are a little more refined?
  4. I actually already have an RO machine... and yeah, i guess that would be a good idea. Guess the next thing I will buy is just the ss gh then... but won't the difference be quite minimal though? I mean, I just tested my well water and it has a Kh of around 15 (cant remember exactly) and it's Ph is stable at around 7.6 which is lower than my tap water which is around ph 8 with just a kh of 3.9 ish... To be honest... this confuses me a tad too much, lol
  5. heyo guys. I would RREEAAALLYY like to know how I can lower my water's ph down to 7 (and stabilize it there) and under because my tapwater is about 8 ph with a kh of 4 and a gh of also about 4. Note, I do not like active soil, I already have driftwood and Sphagnum peat moss is not affecting the PH by even a decimal. I also notice that my SS Gh/KH make my water tank water sometimes spike to 8 while it is normally around 7.7 (The tank has a kh of 5 but a gh of 7) Any suggestions? Please note, I will NOT suddenly just change my water parameters. I will do it over the course of a month or so. I don't want to put THAT much stress on my shrimpies and fish.
  6. Not quite a shrimp, but I am curious about the care these crayfish requires. I see so much conflicting information online and I would prefer information from someone that actually has or has kept some of them. I know how to care for them, but I like to hear some more professional info as I am getting a white specter crayfish tomorrow. water temp? food? tank size? crayfish size (from the tip of the tail to the head)?
  7. Ah, I see. The way you said "Surprisingly that formula is rather similar to SS GH/KH +, Almost exact in terms of Ca and Mg count" Made me think you knew the formula. If you know that much, what's the difference between the formula given and the one you know? (since you used the word "Similar")
  8. easy over there, but not over here. pet shops dont test their water here so I can't ask them nor can I buy tests because they are over 200 dollars. in all honesty, It'd just be easier to tell me, lol.
  9. what's the SS Gh/Kh+ Formula? And how do you guys know it? I'm really interested in knowing
  10. This... is what I have been waiting for Thank you, I appreciate it! To the others... what's that you said about 99.99 percent of all members not knowing a recipe? Lol Aye... Again, thanks for the help, shrimple Minded, this is super helpful!
  11. lol, I'm asking the 0.01 percent who do know.
  12. That's exactly what I asked but so far no one has been helping me with figuring out those levels and I'm getting a little bothered by it.
  13. In that case, no, I never even knew they existed. Never found anything like that over here in SA
  14. Aye, and I know where I can get SS products. Like I said above though, I would really like to make my own too as I really love experimenting and making things, just incase of emergency.
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