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  1. +1 to what JSak said. I started off with regular tap water as well and slowly watched my shrimp die despite my best efforts. It's truly worth it to invest in a small RO/DI filter set up with re-mineralizer.
  2. Your water looks extremely hard. Are you using tap or re-mineralized RO/DI water? GH is pretty important for proper molting/breeding so if that is off, you can be in trouble colony-wise.
  3. Well it’s been a while since an update (a year and a half), so here we go! Unfortunately I had to move not once but twice, so every time I got the tanks established and colony populations were thriving I had to do my best to carefully move them which I’m sure was stressful for everyone. But a bit of good news: my boyfriend and I got a place and we decided (okay, he allowed me) to get a shrimp tank rack! It’s not finished yet, but most of the tanks are set back up on it and I only wish we had one sooner! So much easier and cleaner to have the tanks all in one area. And it’s around a wall corner so guests don’t have to see my sore thumb of an aquarium hobby and judge us. Lol I’m guilty for getting my boyfriend involved at least too! We each have 3 tanks going (6 total) so I’m not sure who is crazier. Hehe Ill stop rambling... bottom line: populations are down overall across the tanks, but I’m really happy with this set up now and hopefully we don’t move again soon. Lol We have: 10G: Neon Yellow Neo colony (going to break down and start a 13 Gallon for them instead) 7G: Painted Fire Red neos 5G: Blue Velvet neos 3G: Sunset Orange neos and the other two are under construction. One is a 13G heavily planted with fish but that’ll probably change too. a few months ago I attempted some Crystals from my LFS but long story short, I have none now. I just can’t get them to stay alive even with remineralized RODI water. But moving several times obviously hasn’t helped. Oh! And my assassin snails spawned recently The baby snoots are so adorable! EDIT: oh I haven’t even updated since picking up the blue velvets! A friend gave me 15 or so blue velvets so I happily set up a new tank for them. They were thriving!! I had babies everywhere. And they’re the most gorgeous blue color! I really hope their colony bounces back... I’ll add pics of them too.
  4. How much for shipping to CA? Also, which pic is of these: "PBL types but they could be crossed with the Tiger Pintos for 2$ each"?
  5. I have been experiencing this in my painted fire red colony as well. Lots of darkening recently in large females so this info was very helpful to read, thank you! I've had the colony a few years now and only twice have introduced a few new fresh shrimp. So I'm sure it's genetic drift for sure. 😕
  6. So tempting! I’m moving in august though so I’d hate to buy them and then pack up the tank and move them soon. If you’re still selling some in August, I’d love to buy 10 CRS! I’ll keep watching this post.
  7. I am very interested in your CRS. Parameters? Where would they be shipping from?
  8. afeather

    shrimp Tanks

    Wow!! Your tanks are quite nice. So many crystals! Thanks for sharing; looking good.
  9. So I’ve spotted this random green colored shrimp in my wild / cull Neocaridina tank. Just curious if this has happened to others and if it’s possible to pull her out to try to start a green colony? I don’t see any similar green colored shrimp from the same batch around. I had all mixed/low grade reds/yellows in the cull tank where I found her. I’m sure she’s no perfect Green Jade, but I know greens are more valuable. Or is her color unstable and not worth the time/effort to bother with so I should just let her live her cull tank life out? Lol Any input? Thanks!
  10. You have inspired me to look into getting a rack myself! Keep it up
  11. Which is photo of 10 TGOE Prl S grade $50 shipped? Recommended for for intro to caridina species? I currently have 6 tanks of various Neo colors and am finally looking into Caridina's.
  12. Love all the Buce as well! Wow
  13. Hello! I’m really surprised no one has replied to you. Welcome to shrimping! For your first question: what substrate is best for shrimp? Mostly anything! There is one snag I ran into with PH-buffering substrate that some have that didn’t mix well with my remineralizer powder. (Remineralizer raised PH; substrate did its thing and buffered it down) which caused a PH swing everytime I changed the water which stressed them out and I experienced a lot of deaths which left me puzzled. (This community helped me with that answer) So just be careful about “active buffering” substrate vs remineralizer powder and you’re fine. I’ve been told that blue shrimp are brighter on dark substrate as well, but my blue velvet colony would beg to differ. I keep them in a white sand bottom tank and they’re the truest of blues I’ve ever seen! (I will attach a pic) I’m not sure about liquid mineralizer; at least I’ve never come across that. I use Salty Shrimp KH/GH+ for Neocaridina which is about $30 USD a bottle and lasts a very long time and I find it to work perfect! I still add a drop or two of Seachem Prime just in case after mixing the RODI water. I drop an air stone in there and it’s shrimp-ready pretty quick. Ive dove headfirst into the hobby and love it! I only have neo’s for now but 6 tanks is plenty for me. Lol If you have any other questions, ask away! Others should chime in as well. It’s all a learning experience. YouTube helped me a lot. There are many great shrimp keeping channels out there.
  14. I have been able to grow green algae on tank walls by dosing BacterAE once a week. (I’m pretty sure that’s what helps it?) Other similar powders should grow biofilm like this too. I learned throuh youTube that it was beneficial for shrimp as a grazing surface and yep- my shrimplets go nuts for it! Pic from one of my tanks attached. Hope this helps.
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