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  1. Looking for Orange Rili. Prefer home bred to imported just because I have a fear of the green fungus of death!
  2. This makes me so sad. This hobby needs you
  3. Seriously Aotf. Mayphly is my shrimp hero
  4. WAIT... STOP THE PRESSES! Purple King Kong????????? What have I missed since I have been away?? I have always wanted purple shrimp.
  5. What is your electric bill??? I dont understand how you have outlets for all that! What holds me back from more tanks is outlets!
  6. Oh Miko. Thanks for the compliment. The shrimp colony are only from two sources. The TBs are from Shrimpscales and the Michlings are from DreamerYOYO. I only started the tank last november or so and I have literally hundreds of babies. I recommend both sellers for a good healthy start. The black one you love (Im guessing you mean the one with the little blue dot) is one of Shrimpscales Broken Patter TBs that he puts up for auction every now and then. I love his broken patterns more than any of his other shrimp because they are unique. I just scrolled up and loo
  7. Shrimp P The leaves came dried. I put them in RO water and zapped them in the microwave for about a minute and a half to make them nice and soft. They would soften themself in the water after a couple days but this made them soft and tearapartable (Yes thats a word!) right away. The plant on the shrimp cave thing is just Naga grass . Stuff grows like weeds! Put a couple stems of it in your tank and you will have handfuls of it in a couple months. I forget that the grassy clump plants are.. Its on the tip of my tongue but its not uncommon. I bet someone else here will kno
  8. Got her leaves yesterday. My shrimp in all 4 tanks loved them
  9. yep 40 breeders have always been included here too
  10. Josu, do you find that PH or any other tank parameter has an effect on how well they color up
  11. Check out this strange looking Juvie Mischling. I am naming him Marble.
  12. I took advantage of Dunkens awesome Mothers Day Sale of 10 Ghost Bee shrimp for $100. This was a great price since I had recently paid $15 per shrimp. No complaint over either price but the sale made it irresistible. This is my first time dealing with Dunkendabears so I wasn't sure what to expect but he was super professional. The shipping was fast, communication was good and the packaging was amazing. My box came in partially crushed I was pretty worried the shrimp would not fair well but they were packed in there super tight and there were Orange flourescent stickers all ov
  13. what a pretty blue on your shadow panda DET
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