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  1. have changed about half the substrate, around 2-2.5ltrs shrimp now seem fine, ph is in the ball park again
  2. thanks for the great info ... 2 weeks ago it was staying at a ph of around 6.5 according to the api drops i use ro with a tds normally 10 or less and saltygh+ in my crystal and bee tanks, mineralized to 100- 110 shrimp are not eating and looking very unhappy...api drop test showed over 7.2 ph this morning for a more accuracy tested with the ph probe from the community tank co2 controller,checked accuracy in fresh ph solutions ... spot on ... cup of water from the shrimp tank showed 6.4 .... after work 9 hrs later with lights on for the plants i getting a reading 7.6
  3. My substrate has stopped buffering in my blue bolt tank .... not checked ph in about 2 weeks ... always been great .... it is now reading about 7 instead of the normal 6 to 6.5. This is my 10gal blue bolt planted tank .... had good breeding. Likely will need also to be changing the 30gal cbs before much longer as well. Need to know the safe way to do it. Have heard that a big substrate change can cause quick ammonia and nitrite spikes from loss of the beneficial bacteria. Also thinking i do not want the new substrate to do a real fast ph change and loose any of my shrimp or the week olds
  4. i have small ups on my air pumps .... 40 bucks at wallyworld . tested my danner 4 which has 2 outlets and uses 3.5 watts for 4 days before i went ahead and plugged it back in. I got no complaints.
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