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  1. I use the mystery snails i get at the lfs. As well as one or two assassins in case of pests. I actually use a platy or two to build up the bio load for a month or so then put them back in the community lol.
  2. I know most breeders and importers ibe seen keep them on pool filter sand so there must not be a great deal of color washing. I actually set up a tank with pool filter for some black rose that will be here in a couple weeks!
  3. http://www.eliteinverts.com/yellow-neon-24ks-qty-8/ Just saw these
  4. I watch you guys all the time haha. I need to wait a few weeks for the temps to cool down before i can order anything. But ill watch!
  5. Yea they for sure are nice. Ill probably get some off him when its not so hot. Bleh summer for the aquarium hobby.
  6. Those are actually really nice. What parameters do you keep yours in.
  7. Plus i found a hardware store that will cut the plates i need for 10 bucks so thats sweet. Ill start a new thread with the build if you guys care to follow
  8. Yea i had actually just processed that myself. Considering i want to seal them independently. I feel like acrylic would be ok in a divided but singular filtration set up.
  9. If anybody has or knows of a reliable source for either high quality chocolate neos or black rose neos please let me know.
  10. how long ago were they placed in that tank? I know ive had many berried females drop eggs on me within a week of transport and tank switch. In the event ot does happen if you can catch them before they discolor you could quite easily save the eggs with a diy tumbler.
  11. Thats actually almost the same concept im going for! Except im wanting to fully seal each compartment. Thanks for the link
  12. So i recently had the same thoughts about doing this to a 75g. Except i was thinking about using glass and actually dividing each of the 4 compartments to its own sealed tank per say. And doing a hmf in each as you did. That way i can have the freedom of housing differing paramsmaters, and preventing multiple colony crashes. Will be keeping up with this though
  13. Hey guys, so i have 4ft 75g tank i recently rebuilt. And im having a notion to segment the tank at every foot with a thick sheet of plexiglass and silicone it in place as you would for a sump. Creating 4 approx. 18g tanks. I want all tanks to have their own independent filtration to allow me to house seperate species with differing parameters. Each segment getting a hmf for the entire back wall, all into one efficient air pump. I was wondering how you guys felt about it, and if it would be worth the trouble. Which i dont mind the labor, part of the enjoyment for me. I do realize it would be ea
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