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  1. I’m confused by your LED heat waste calculation. I’m probably misunderstanding but are you assuming that 20% of the LEDs power draw is converted to heat in the water? Why?
  2. Yup, that’s scutariella. They grab onto what they can, sometimes head, sometimes rostrum. Google images has examples of both. Luckily it’s an easy fix!
  3. Are you monitoring nitrates while doing this? It could be that the purigen is stripping the water of nitrates (which plants need to grow) and other nutrients. If you had other junk in the water as well (or nitrates >20-30ppm), that might have explained the baby shrimp deaths. Fertilizing with Purigen in the tank seems... wasteful? I'm guessing you'll burn through both Purigen and fertilizers. That said, maybe your nitrates were low the whole time and it was something else in the water that was killing off the shrimplets. Either the source is still there (different problem y
  4. Ah! That is indeed pretty low, could explain lack of breeding. The "adjustment" can only go so far so if they were raised in low card parameters (which is pretty hard on most neos) they might have a really hard time breeding in something as different as neo parameters. That said, I would just raise the temperature a couple degrees every week for a couple weeks and wait a month or two. If you're still not getting breeding, then you might have something else going on.
  5. Sounds like Scutariella, a pic wouldn't hurt. Shamelessly copy-pasting @wyzazz since I'm lazy and he typed this up like last week: " Be careful not to use table salt with Iodine! Dosage: 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of clean tank water (not tap water). Duration: 30sec to 1 minute. You might need to repeat this a couple of times until the parasite disappears, so keep the infected shrimp in a breeder or hospital tank (could be another cup of tank water). "
  6. I think there's actually something odd going on with your tank. Given the parameters you posted elsewhere, they should already be breeding. You don't need to bump the temp up to "trigger" anything. Do you know what parameters they came from? It could be that your parameters look good in isolation but are actually drastically different from what they were bred in.
  7. If you're into mosses, you could try out vesicularia ferriei (weeping moss). It's not horribly demanding with the caveat that it will grow differently under different conditions. It also won't fill your tank quite as much as java, which can get out of hand.
  8. Out of curiosity, why are you breeding/keeping them?
  9. It depends what you mean by "okay". There's a strong possibility you'll have a scud explosion in your shrimp tank. Some claim they attack and kill baby shrimp, others just find them unsightly. If you don't want them in that tank, kill each one you see as soon as you see it. Once you start to see several at a time, you've lost that battle and you'll have to resort to much more extreme measures to get them out of the tank (tear-down, seltzer water, etc...).
  10. I can’t open your video but based on the description, scutariella? Not too difficult to treat, mostly annoying. Try posting a picture instead. EDIT: I was able to see the video in a different browser (no-go in FireFox) and @wyzazz is correct, that is indeed scutariella. Follow his tips and your shrimp will be fine. Keep an eye out for them in the future, you may need to do secondary dips since it's easy to miss all of them the first time (happened to me).
  11. Got it, I saw the tiger in the picture and figured I'd ask.
  12. I feel silly for asking so please correct me if I’m misunderstanding but you’re keeping them with red tigers? Is there a chance these shrimplets are red panda x red tiger offspring?
  13. Picture dump! The quality isn’t amazing because these guys are tiny and I’m taking these pictures with a 5S, but I’m getting some really interesting variety and I thought I’d share. Many will be boring tangtais but a couple are really promising. Clear with white stripes Pretty eh Clear with red specks Getting more interesting Black? ...green? With white stripes? Nice blue with stripes Whatever this is, I’m excited I also sa
  14. What does your water change/top off routine look like? If you've been adding RO water to compensate for evaporation without doing water changes, you could possibly have gotten that high on concentration alone. Do you own the RO unit or are you buying water? RO w/ a gH of 4-5 is quite hard. End TDS depends on the source water but when I run my tap through an RO unit, it comes out at near zero TDS. Definitely check it once you have the TDS meter. It might still be in range or it could indicate a problem with the unit. FWIW, I do top-offs with RODI water @ TDS 0, gH 0, kH 0 spec
  15. Can you test the water coming directly out of your RO unit? Where does the water going in come from? There are bunch of cheap TDS meters on Amazon, I use this one (no complaints so far): https://www.amazon.com/HM-Digital-TDS-4-Measurement-Resolution/dp/B0002T6L5M/ref=sr_1_21?ie=UTF8&qid=1540868196&sr=8-21&keywords=tds+meter
  16. Drop test kit or strip test kit?
  17. Hope not! It's way too early to tell but I'd love for these to come out solid. I'm guessing they'll come out with a lot of clear and I won't be able to select for solids for another generation or two but fingers crossed. So far, F1 x F1 is giving me red and "blue" (I think the blue will turn black as they get older). I'll try to get a picture. We'll see the results in a couple weeks, these ones are 4-5 days old. I've heard crosses like this don't get good until F4-5 so I'm not expecting these to be great.
  18. Here's an F1 mom, pretty normal looking for a tangtai (they're having dinner, hence all the floaties): ...and here's the first decent picture I could get of an F1xF1=>F2. They're not as nice as the F1xBB shrimplets but they're moving around a lot more and are clearly healthier. No blue/black ones caught on camera yet. Just kidding, here it it (red pinto?):
  19. Yeah, I'm pretty excited! The same day I made that post, some of my F1xF1 => F2 clutches hatched. I haven't been able to get any pictures yet but those ones have some babies that are very clearly blue. I'm guessing they'll darken up a lot so I'm likely looking at some black pintos (...or something). I haven't seen the ones in the pictures for a couple days and my tank kills card shrimplets (sigh) but I'll keep my fingers crossed and post pictures when I can get some decent ones (these shrimp are so small!). I'll put up a picture of the mamas later, they're pretty typical tangtai far
  20. ...so here are some pictures! These F2 shrimplets are only a couple days old (marsilea crenata leaf and hair grass strand as references in second picture) and are the result of: TT x BB => F1 F1 x BB => F2 The BB group they came from had some mosura in it, so clearly not "pure" BB. I expected maybe some blue or a lot of orange, but certainly not white and red. I'm guessing I'm dealing with some kind of low-grade CRS mischling business or the beginnings of a pinto line. Hope they survive! I've also got some F1 x F1 =>F2 on the way, they sh
  21. Your substrate looks to be buffering, I would not try to wrestle with it to bring the pH up. The CRS and TTs should be happy with the pH and neos are pretty adaptable (although it is low for them).
  22. @JSak I know this goes contrary to the idea of keeping everything as stable as possible but have you considered moving some of them to another tank with similar parameters where you know the shrimp are doing well and are active? I know you don't want to split your colony and risk stress/deaths but it seems unclear if your Stardust are shy because of some weird temperament thing or if there are stressors in their current tank. FWIW I don't have Stardusts, I just would like to see the line spread more.
  23. Every time you update this journal, my jaw drops.
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