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  1. Sorry budie, 3 tornados and two earthquake in my country. XD Greetings!
  2. Psyklon

    Peltier Water Cooling

    Ok, like a coil? Stainless steel Coil Tube Thanks
  3. Psyklon

    Peltier Water Cooling

    Couple youtube videos, nothing more extensive. DIY chiller 120W- Peltier Cooler-Fluval Edge Greetings.
  4. As a cooling system I was thinking of one of these DIY Peltier systems, but I worry that the cooling block (the metal frame where the water circulates) is safe for the aquarium and does not release any chemical or metal into the water. Anyone use this system? Greetings. Peltier  Water Cooling System
  5. I was thinking use another stc.1000 for the penthouse whit independent heater and cooler. Always have the same temperature in all the tanks can be posible, but if i have a minimun of temperature diference its just fine. Now the superior tanks and the sump have almost the same temp, but in night, the penthouse hits 25° 26° and the sump stays on 23°. Greetings
  6. I was thinking the sump, but like you say will be good two probes, one for sump and another to the penthouse. Greetings
  7. Has anyone used the Jbl Pro Scan Test? I recently bought it (it still does not arrive), but I would like to know the opinion of someone else who uses it regularly. I would like to now your opinion in the poll section. Thanks and greetings to all. JBL Pro Scan Test Top 5 Aquarium Test
  8. I try both, not really good results XD Sometimes on hand if they are close.
  9. Yep! Crayfish can be incredible tricky! Here sometimes find him on the algae at your feet ( be care ouch!) Many times we cant spot the incredible species around us.
  10. Yeah Man! Here the shops almost do not sell shrimp, crayfish or crabs (here crustaceans not punch so much, some lobsters on a plate XD). You only see snails and not very varied species, a lot of tropical fish (Salt and Fres water). There is a dam near where Cambarellus Montezumae breed, I hope to get some to see what colorations I can get with cross and select. I have seen some interesting tones on the internet about this species. And i have a couple varieties of Neocaridina. Greetings. Hope to get some like this one.
  11. Psyklon

    Shrimp Rack

    Almost finished, is already cycling to soon add gambitas and Cambarellus. There is still a lack of side insulators, more biological filtering (although I can add a little as the population increases), finish installing co2 and temperature control. At the moment the only population are some planorbis and physas. I only plant Sagitaria Subulata and a couple of Java Windelov ferns in Cholla Wood. The "last floor" was left unused while waiting for occupants. Greetings! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYKlN5zhPi0
  12. An adjustable pump raises the water on the right side, each aquarium has its own ball valve and drain that end on the right side of the sump. The thermal difference is usually no greater than 2 ° C. Thanks budies.
  13. Thanks chappy6107. Greetings.
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