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    BKK, extreme blue bolts and extreme RKK/red rubies . Along with a variety of bucephalandra and mini pellia

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  1. NeMox69x


    It's basically full. I've used it 3-4 times.
  2. NeMox69x


    Hello fellow shrimp spot members, I have a bunch of food that I am not using and would like to sell off. These are NOT samples, these are whole packages (slightly used). Paid well over asking price, my loss is your gain! I currently have: •Ebita breed hinomaru Bentou •Ebita breed spinach •Ebita Breed Quattro 2 •Shirakura Baby food •Repashy Shrimp Soufflé •Glass Garden shrimp dinner •Glass Garden Bacet AE $55 for the whole package shipped (that's $7.86 per item with free shipping)
  3. I have some buce clumps for sale if anyone is interested. It is species Green Wavy. I have 5 good sized clumps available. $45 shipped per clump. These are dense clumps. well over 50 leaves. PM me if interested or comment down below. Some are smaller, first picture is of 2 clumps together
  4. what's the tds of the current water output?(would the inserts need replaced) and what would the overall cost shipped be?
  5. Is the sink adaptor a male or female type? Does it screw over the faucet or into the faucet?
  6. See I find spending $99 on one and it being random is crazy but like you said "most likely" doesn't mean it is. No one would answer me on Facebook so I misse on presale. I messaged joes aqua on Saturday and NEVER got a response
  7. Does the buyer get to choose a specific galaxy pinto or randomly selected?
  8. Does it have to be tapped into the pipes or can it adapt to fit the sink faucet? Just curious...
  9. I have mini pellia and flame
  10. Pm me , should have some available this week
  11. I'm actually getting a 40W for Christmas because of that setting feature. I absolutely love mine, Takes a while to fully dial it in to your liking and not of algae but once you find it.. it's amazing! Best of luck my friend!
  12. In total it is 1/2" included in that is a 1/8" over hang. The overhang sits outside the tank.
  13. My tank is 18" long and it lights the entire tank, I even had enough bleed out to grow mini pellia in a hang on back breeder box.
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