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  1. It's been awhile...been making progress. Babies usually die within 2 weeks but it's been about a month and some. This is really a learning experience.
  2. What do the med/high grade look like?
  3. Grant has a greenhouse w/tons of tubs. Maybe check out his journal or fb.
  4. These culls need to go Haha. Gotta find a home for them. They must be happy in here.
  5. Check paypal lol..im not posting it here xD. Can also pm ya.
  6. They were all suppose to look like the pic below, but I guess the line isnt as pure yet. Only have 3 like this so far. Seller is well known, but name will remain anonymous for now.
  7. A little mean, but im letting these "high grade" fishbone cycle my new tank. Yes they arnt actually HIGH grade fishbones and im waiting on the seller to make this right before escalating the issue. About 6 of these sub-adults
  8. No molt issues for the grown ups, only for the babies. I see some of them having trouble molting.
  9. Some of them have clear legs. I know their young, but if you could pick up that trait along with others, it will might it worth while
  10. I'll be changing from 160 tds to 100 over the next couple of months. Babies survival rate is 0% :[
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