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  1. It was out for less than an hour. It was cycled for about 5 weeks before shrimp added.
  2. Sorry to be redundant, but the shrimp are clinging to the Whisper filter cartridge. Is it possible to stick it in the corner of the tank behind the sponge filter, while covering it up at bit with Java Moss to make it a bit more aesthetic? To me it seems like more filtration which is rarely a bad thing.
  3. I just dropped it back in there, will take it out tomorrow. Shrimp are super active and can see more than ever, so doesn't seem too bad.
  4. Thanks. Problems keep coming up for me though...I've now removed my first filter that hanged in the aquarium-Whisper-that came with walmart tank setup-I guess they liked it in there. Long story short-I saved one, think I killed one or two that somehow got into very small spaces in that filter. I bought sponge to cover the intake but there were still screw holes that I couldn't cover which the shrimp were crawling into. Is the sponge filter with no medium added by me enough? It is powerful enough for twice the aquarium size. Just trying to save the shrimp I got, all parameter
  5. I'm relatively new to the hobby so take my advice for what its worth, but it sounds like you already know the main issue. Why not unroot a 2 inch by 2 inch section of plants and clean the gravel and start picking up the substrates slowly? Since you will be stirring up a lot of leftovers, you shouldn't have to feed too much if at all. Even though its a small area, it should stir up the bottom around it pretty good and you could always replant that and make another 2 x 2 hole on the other side of the tank.
  6. I have a hanging filter that came with the aquarium kit and I want to add a sponge filter. Is it ok to add a sponge filter while shrimp are in the tank? Do I have to worry about parameters changing? I have cherry shrimp, some moss, and small snails. I bought BACTO-SURGE HIGH DENSITY FOAM FILTER and Tetra 77847 Whisper Air Pump, up to 20-Gallon Thanks!
  7. I'm new - When shrimp die, what happens? Do they float, turn to debris, kinda vanish? I bought 5 shrimp a few weeks ago. I've seen two at once today-so I got at least two. I have a 5 gallon tank with hiding spots, but I look pretty close. I guess they could be really hidden, kind of like my cat can crawl under my couch somehow. At the same time, I don't see any floating shrimp. One note- about two weeks ago, I was only seeing two or three at a time, imported a new piece of wood into the tank and seen all 5 all of a sudden. Thanks!
  8. I didn't have those parts but took your idea and just cut a small hole in the bottom of the 1 gallon distilled water jug and it took about two hours to empty out. TDS is 190ish, going to wait a few days and do one more 1 gallon water change with distilled to retest and go from there. I picked up a lot of junk with the water change and not going to feed for about a week. I think I have planaria, but it was reduced with the water change.
  9. Great, thanks! What is a cheaper alternative to get GH higher and PH lower? I don't mind spending some money for additives given I've come this far but not ready to buy a RO system at the moment. I plan on doing one more partial water change in the next day or two and then try to leave the tank alone for a while.
  10. Ok, thanks for the replies! Yesterday I changed the filter cartridge before I tested so maybe that is why I got the readings for nitrite and nitrate? The tank is only 5 gallons and ran for 1.5 months (1 month with goldfish that I ended up donating after I learned tank was too small). My readings are now: Nitrate-0 Nitrite-0 Ammonia-0 PH 7.6 at least TDS-242 KH-6 GH-6
  11. So, I've ordered test kits and they are coming in. TDS meter came first and it was 315. I did 20% water change with distilled water, and its now 235. PH = 7.6 Ammnia=0 Nitrite=2-5 ppm Nitrate 5-10 ppm still don't know gh/kh yet. any suggestions?
  12. I hope so too! I've only seen three shrimp at a time, although there are a lot of places to hide.
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