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  1. I don't have any experience with the algae but I did use algaefix a few times years ago when first getting started in the hobby. I quit using it when I realized it was responsible for my fish deaths during that time. Hard to remember that far back but I believe it starved them of oxygen
  2. Both gorgeous! If wanting to just breed a single type of shrimp, you can't go wrong with prl. If wanting to play around with cross breeding to come up with new patterns you may be off with 2 cheaper options
  3. Thanks for the post shrimple minded. Great advice
  4. I received my package from wyzazz yesterday and had to try a pinch of his custom blend right away. Two tanks. One with red zebras one with pinto michlings and every one of them loved me for introducing it to the tanks. Awesome shrimp grocery and ALOT for the price. Thank you so much! I'll have you a package in the mail as soon as this miserable weather breaks
  5. I have just recently ventured into the world of caradina shrimp keeping. I currently have 2 tanks running for them (fixing to set up a 3rd), and have pinto Mischlings in one and red zebras in the other. For those of you that have been in this hobby a while I pose the question: What are your MUST HAVES on hand to be set up for success. I know the basic stuff like a wide variety diet, remineralizer, an ro unit and the like, but I'm looking for things that the beginner might not think about....medications, tank additives, the type of stuff you keep now and wish you had thought about when you firs
  6. Sending payment now. I'd like a bag
  7. I'm interested. Can you msg me info? Price, what state they'd be coming from, tank raised....the basic stuff
  8. I can hook you up. What state are you in?
  9. I received some GORGEOUS red galaxy pintos today from this sale. Had 1 doa, but all things considered I am a happy customer For full discloser: I was so excited about getting my order and only having one doa that I did not pay attention to any details. First let me say that I DO have some pretty shrimp from this order, but truth is I have no idea what I actually have. I purchased a 10 pack of red zebra pintos. I have 7 shrimp. There was one doa which I was refunded for but the day after the shipment, when cleaning up my mess, I noticed that the bag the shrimp came in was marked 8
  10. Got my tracking number for my order today
  11. Pinto Mischlings https://imgur.com/a/UvL4C My first attempt at caridina shrimp. I jumped in with both feet and got me some pinto michlings from DET and couldn't be happier. Now if I can just learn to take good pics
  12. Stacy1

    FS: Moss

    Which mosses are in the two pics? I definitely want one of the first pic and would like to see what the queen moss looks like
  13. What's the difference between RKK mosura, RKK extreme, and RRK dragon blood extreme? I may want to add to my order
  14. They came yesterday and seem to be doing great this morning. I love them! Thanks again
  15. I'm looking for some of these as well to add to my sulawesi orange rabbit tank. Water is pure ro/di remineralized with salty shrimp sulawesi 7.5...pm if selling
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