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  1. Rechni

    Advice on sick tank

    Any other thoughts out there?
  2. Rechni

    Advice on sick tank

    I suppose it could be TB. The tell-tale sign, in addition to wasting, is that the spine of the fish curves, and so far none of mine have done that. Also, if it is TB, I've heard you can't just bleach the tank--it has to be destroyed. I still wonder, though, whether whatever this is would transmit to shrimp. I'll probably euthanize the fish soon, but I'd like to keep the tank running if there is no danger of transmission to the RCS. Also, thanks for responding. I'm really at my wit's end right now.
  3. I recently setup a small (10 gal) aquarium. It was cycled, so I added some endlers and about 5 red cherry shrimp from an established tank. Soon after, I purchased another endler from the local fish store. Though apparently fine on arrival, he soon began to grow emaciated, refused food, and died. The other fish in the tank also began to hollow and lose their color, and then the RCS began to die every few days. Water parameters are good: 0 Ammonia ) 0 Nitrite 5 Nitrate. Temp is 78 degrees. On recommendation, I first dosed the tank with Metro and Focus for 5 days. No improvement was apparent, so
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