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  1. Don't think so, but I could be wrong. Should have a very distinct triangle head
  2. I actually drove there once thinking it was a LFS once. It's just a pickup spot. But I bought from Joe multiple times and he's going to take care of you
  3. Change of plans, so I'm getting rid of a bunch of CO2 regulators CO2 Art Dual Stage Regulator $150 shipped GLA Pro Co2 Regulator $165 shipped Airgas Y1224D Regulator $240 shipped Harris 9296 Regulator $110shipped Got it incomplete, you'll need a couple parts to finish it, and gauge cover is slightly cracked on one side Fluval Mini Co2 Regulator + Paintball canister adapter + Paintball canister $70 shipped MI MA955 solenoid $30 shipped, brand new
  4. Yeah they don't make this very easy at all, making rare shrimp even rarer
  5. @aotf fenben doesn't ever leave the tank? I was wondering about that, I took some mystery snails out and put them back 2 weeks later and they were all sluggish. I relocated them to my betta tank and after 3 weeks they're juts now becoming more active.
  6. I think shipping international alone is gonna be $40 and up
  7. I got this from ADA, 4.4g https://aquaforestaquarium.com/products/azoo-flexi-mini-scape-set-include-tank-light-filter Slightly smaller
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