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  1. I want /need 4 Shadow Panda and 2 Blue Bolts..........so $63 total?

    1. Back On The Block 2016

      Back On The Block 2016

      Just sent money Mervin J Bachemin Jr(Back On The Block 2016)

  2. $8 each or 15 for $120 shipped. Mix and match if you want. Shipping is $15 usps priority with a cold pack. 100% live arrival guarantee
  3. Package includes 2 red bolt and 5 wine red for $100 shipped. What you see is what you get. The first picture is of one of the red bolts before I caught it. Shipping will include a cold pack and live arrival guarantee.
  4. I bought 10 yellow kk shrimp awhile ago and after a couple deaths i ended up with 8 males. Since breeding them is now impossible i have decided to throw these TT(or whatever they are)in with them and see what happens. Should be interesting.
  5. No way they are hitchhikers. Could it be that tangerine tigers were used to create the pinto shrimp?
  6. I have no idea. I have never owned a tangerine tiger before. Could they be tibee shrimp?
  7. Actually this tank has turned into a mixed community tank. It is a very old tank that I am ready to tear down and reset. I will have to have a big sale soon. I have other tanks that I keep the pure Taiwan bees and selectively breed shrimp.
  8. I had at least six of these shrimp pop up in my Taiwan bee tank. They are very cool. I do have an idea as to what they are but wanted to consult the shrimp community. I am guessing they come from the pinto culls I moved to this tank because they looked like regular Taiwan bees. I need to decide what to do with them because they are almost breeding age.
  9. Wow! Thanks. Honestly I still feel like an amateur sometimes.
  10. Yes red moss. I really like the stuff. A really slow grower but nice.
  11. Their color seems to change with mood. I tried to start a extreme bb tank recently. I moved only the best ones to this tank and over the next few days their color would decrease dramatically. Once they are settled in and happy again the color would slowly return. (Very slowly) Normally you can tell at a very young age if a shrimp is a extreme bb or a shadow panda but it is true that sometimes they dont show their true colors until they start to mature. If you keep black pandas and bb together eventually all the pandas will be shadow pandas. This is what happened to me anyway. All my panda
  12. That sounds terrible. Makes my own every day life problems seem insignificant. I hope you are feeling better now.
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