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  1. How do you tell if you've spoiled your water
  2. So what are care tips for this plant? Mine keep doing off it seems.
  3. So I have a hang on back filter just sitting in my parts graveyard and I was thinking of putting some carbon and filter floss in it would this be to much for a 29 gal that I just started cycling a week ago? I have four snails and two bamboo shrimp in it so there is a very small bio load. I've only seen people use sponge filters in shrimp tanks so I was just curious.
  4. So how often should I be feeding these guys? Kinda limited info out there on this.
  5. I'll have to re-find the video but from what I remember they where saying if you go above 150 TDS during cycling it does something to the bacteria or something. I'll have to ask Mark from marks shrimp tanks during his next live stream
  6. Good idea if the pH drops I'll know to remove some. Thanks.
  7. O ok it just looks likes little pieces of cotton all over my different pieces of driftwood. I don't want to put any shrimp in yet because I want to age the tank Abit. Hopefully it goes away, looks kinda ugly lol Here's some pics. Thanks guys.
  8. About 10 small to medium small pieces of Malaysian
  9. So I've started cycling tank and I'm using seachem stability for about five days now and I'm noticing little white puffy masses growing on my driftwood, is this because I'm using stability?
  10. So can you have to much driftwood in your shrimp tank?
  11. So I've been watching some YouTubers talk about the cycling process for their shrimp tanks and it seems a few of them say not to go any higher than 150 TDS I just wanted to see what you guys think should there be high levels of GH or KH should I start using that shrimp mineral mix. what do you guys put in your water in the very beginning to get things not only cycled but ready for snails and shrimp I'll have cherry and blue velvet separate tanks of course
  12. So I'm looking for the water parameters for both of these species and also their water temps. Thanks guys
  13. Thanks alot! So as soon as I see my tank is cycled how long do I have before it crashes to put shrimp in? Also any shrimp food can build biofilm?
  14. So I'm new to shrimp keeping and I keep hearing about bio film, and I'm curious about what products I can buy to create this. Thanks guys.
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