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  1. I keep neos with tiger shrimp and it seems like over time my neos population has decreased. Almost like breeding has slowed or there's competition.
  2. can red tibee be kept in neo params like super tigers or tangerine tigers
  3. what do the red tibees look like? I'm not sure which photo theyre in
  4. thanks for the info. I was going to keep mine in neo parameters also.
  5. Are super tigers hard to breed
  6. I sent a pm for some blue dreams. I didn't get a response though
  7. Do you have any more at the 35$ price
  8. Are super tigers hardy in neo parameters like tangerine tigers?
  9. What are the culls like for the sky blue?
  10. Was looking to possibly keep crystal reds and was wondering if I would encounter issues with my params from the tap and in my tanks. Tank: nitrates: 5-15 nitrites: 0 ammonia: 0 Kh: 1-2 gh: 3-5 tds: 145 Tap: kh: 1-2 gh:1-2 tds: 100 20-30% water change every 7-10 days with tap using a python. Tank is 20 gallons
  11. what would you be asking for 10-15
  12. Looking for around 10 orange sakuras to start a colony. If the price can be affordable
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