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  1. Still waiting on a TDS meter to actually survive the shipping process... (Slightly frustrated there) Bright well "Remineraliz" is my remineralizer. Multi layer of rock to form sstructure and elevation, CaribSealete planted aquarium substrate, and topped off in most places with inert sand. The over sized (45gallon HOB, with Sponge Pre-Filter guard) filter provides good water circulation, filtration and aeration. Orange Neocaridina. 8+ at least 3 hatchlings. (Hard to see through all the plants)
  2. I've heard a number of opinions on the benefits of keeping snails with shrimp, ranging from tilling the substrate to avoid gas build up, boosting the tanks bio-load to increase helpful bacteria levels, to beneficial bacteria in the waste of snails that help shrimp. Is any of this true? What are the benefits of "Pest" snails and ornamental snails, in a shrimp tank? What are the cons? I've got some of my own thoughts, but i'd really love to hear an array of experiences and opinions.
  3. 29 gallons, Moderately- Heavily planted, No Co2, High Light 6.8 Ph Ammonia 0ppm Nitrites 0ppm Nitrates 0ppm dKH 2 dGH 4.0 - 5.0 Water temp 72 F Its pretty stable, the hatchlings in the tank are doing great and are growing at a healthy pace. No deaths in adults for a while now.
  4. Possibly Tiger shrimp, depending on your water parameters. But.. I'm going to let someone more experienced confirm or deny the possibility What are your tank stats? Size? inhabitants? .PH, GH, KH and temp? Post a pic too, i'd love to see.
  5. A few people also recommended Chemi-Clean from.. Boyd.. They've said they used it with shrimp and it works wonders, Packaging says its salt, fresh, plant and invert safe. I removed 95% or more of the bloom manually and then hit it with a half dose. The ghost shrimp whom are holding place for my blues, seem fine so far. I'll let you know how it works!
  6. Well. It would seem I purchased some duckweed plants with green slime algae. It's now in the roots of my watersprite, colonizing the sand and various other objects. What's a shrimp safe product that won't make the tank start it's cycle all over?
  7. Typically yes, but where I'm from, everything needs a heater. My bathroom was 50° the other night. I'm in New Hampshire, in a very unreliable appartment (as far as heating goes) so if you don't have one for emergency sake, you'll loose his and inverts to crazy swings. The summer brings the opposite end of the spectrum out with crazy temps. Even in the fall months, we'd come home to 85° room temp occasionally. Much appreciated though!!
  8. Starting a new tank for Blue Neos. I found a killer deal on black friday and purchased 15 "blues", some of which were black and rili's. The store is holding them until my water is stable. The tank was seeded with 6-7 Gallons of water from my existing Neo colony, a filter media bag and decomposing leaves from the Orange Colony. Plants were also taken from established tanks. So far so good. Tank Size:10 gallon Aqueon complete kit.Co2:NoneLighting: Aqueon 10 gallon LED hoodFilter: Aqueon 10 gallon HOB filterHeater: Fluval 100w digital heater (trust this way more then the 10 gallon nightmare heater they had in the kit.)Substrate: 1" of CaribSea Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate.1.5" of Imaginarium white sand.Hardscape: 1 Unknown Rock "A"2 Unknown Rock "B"1 Unknown wooden logPlants: 6 Green Crypt4 Red Crypt1 Dwarf Sag1 large Water Sprite, 2 small Water SpriteDuckweedFish: NoneInverts: 4 Ghost Shrimp (Cycling tank and being a water monitor) 7 Malaysian Trumpet Snails15 Blue Neocaridina Shrimp (pending cycle)
  9. Good news is, my shrimp are happy enough to be breeding consistently, bad news is, they suck as parents and are leaving me to the task of raising the eggs into fine young shrimplettes. I'm not sure how long they were there, but i managed to suck up a cluster of eggs off the tank floor. Not sure why this is the second time they've had a drop, thats 2/2 times the tank has bred. Hopefully just a new momma thing. I however am going to try my hand at artificially raising the eggs. For all i know, they could be dead already. We'll see. Does anyone know what might be causing them to drop? or have a hunch? UPDATE: I've moved them to a mesh bag in the return flow of the filter to keep them well fanned. We'll see..
  10. Hey everyone, so.. getting hit with that re-learning curve here. Evaporation doesn't take out minerals, just water. Therefore, if I top off the tank with tap water, I would drive TDS up. It should also drive TDS levels up if I let too much water evaporate... RO water is the solution here, correct? What's the difference between RO and distilled water? Love these growing pains. My 29 gallon tank is down about 2.5 inches, almost 3. It looks like someone's getting berried tonight though, so I don't want to screw with everything and lose eggs.
  11. Reading forums, we typically hear about the unusual and unique circumstances that arise in our tanks, as no one tends to report a lack of tragedy and uneventful days gone by. Let's have a poll, how many of you have had a heater disaster or a close call?
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