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  1. Why are you ignoring me?  I paid you 200 bucks for sick shrimp and you don't even want to acknowledge my existence any more? I just want to figure out why, when I ordered from 3 different people, Yours are the only ones that had mass deaths (or any for that matter, I haven't lost a single shrimp from the other two sellers.) The fact that you have ignored my repeated and polite requests for help indicates that you know there is a problem with those shrimp and don't want to deal with it. At any rate, it sucks to be treated this way.  I'm a good customer and don't deserve this treatment.

    1. TomCruise


      No longer ignoring me.  Are working together to work this out.  Sounds like they are going to treat me right and are making lots of positive changes.  Currently trying to figure out hoe to remove this post and negative feedback.

  2. One of my pride and joy,MK breed Extreme Blue bolt. Love how even the color is throughout the shrimp.
  3. Here are some of my grade PBLs, lineage is from Crimson.
  4. Hey guys, haven't posted on here for a while and just got a new camera not too long ago so here are some practice pictures of my bloody marys that turned out better than expected!!
  5. Both the super hornet and Super princess bee goes well with CRS parameter.
  6. Haven't posted here in a while so here is some pictures from my phone of the Super Hornet Bee and Super princess Bee! Lets see if you guys can tell the difference!!
  7. There should be no conversion required. They usually use about 1-1.5 inches if covering the whole tank but usually base on user preference.
  8. Hey Monty here are some pictures from Mk Breed. Also their water parameter is the same as CRS.
  9. Sorry Elo500, I will try asking for more detail when he is more free since he is on business trip right now. Here is some information like the parameter and what they use for substrate. C-Sky: For Sulawesi shrimp, PH: 7-8, GH 7~8, TDS 300-400, use sand. Still waiting for an answer on that one, C-sky representative is currently in Thailand so he is pretty busy right now. C-Sky: Green jade is not easy to get green color babies, about 30-50%. This shrimp is not fixed well.
  10. Ya I did realize that too when I got them!!! What our supplier told us is that Blue Carbon Rili are black on the head and tail while the BV are actually dark blue. Also the blue on the body of the blue carbon rili are much lighter in blue.
  11. me: Hi C-sky, what are the percentage that the babies will come out as orange eye blue diamond (Royal Blue)? C-sky: No they do not, OEBD will breed OEBTs as well. Best scenario, 10 out of 30 will be Orange Eye Blue Diamond ( Royal Blues), usually 5 out of 30 is average. Sometime if unlucky 1-2 out of 30.
  12. Hey guys, just some pics of the Neos I have!! Blue velvet S Fire Red Bloody Mary (S Grade) Bloody mary (A grade) Golden Shrimp w/ Goldenback Orange Shrimp Snowball Shrimp
  13. Hey guys haven't post any pictures recently so since it is december and christmas is around the corner here are some MK Breed PRLs since they remind me of Candy Canes lol.
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