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  1. Hi, I'm coming back to this post to give some info to those that it could help. Finally, to feed my crabs, dried vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini) as for shrimp, sticks of nettles, and frozen food for fish (a bit of everything to vary the pleasures). I noticed they were rushing on the plant-based crustacean blocks (green).
  2. It's a little cruel but I test the interactions between my crabs and the rest of the animals with less expensive and similar species. For example, before integrating Tylomelania from Sulawesi, I introduced Faunus ater which are perfectly identical in terms of morphology (with success elsewhere). Same principle for shrimp, although I already knew it would be fine. Regarding the typology of the aquarium, I used a branch and I put on some lava stones. This allowed me to create an area with a lot of hiding and shade (especially for crabs). Next door I left an open area for the fish to swim freely. Regarding fish, crabs are not interested in Rexi while the Oryzias are caught. It's hard to understand the behavior of crabs. I had stones in the unobstructed part and the male (who seems the most aggressive) established his quarters below. I plan to remove these stones so that the territory of crabs and fish are more distinct.
  3. Hello, I use the 'Enlive' conditioner from Borneo Wild and every time I put it in my aquarium, I wonder what I have to do with the red part that does not dissolve in the water. This kind of 'red sand' does not seem to bother the inhabitants of the aquarium. I wonder about its role, and the utility of pouring it into the aquarium. Lastly, when I dissolve my mineral salts in osmosis water, I add the conditioner once the salts are dissolved, and I degass the CO2 with oxygen. Then I pour everything into the aquarium, except the red part that remains at the bottom of the tank. What do you think about it and what do you do with it? Thank you for your responses and your help.
  4. Hello to all ! I'm sorry I did not give any sign of life, I was busy enough! I found an answer to my question that suited my situation perfectly: Oryzias Woworae and Mugilogobius rexi. Two small fish that cohabit very well with shrimp and between them, and come from the Sulawesi region, which is the one that I prefer in my aquarium because my crabs come from this region. So here is my answer to my own question. As Sulawesi shrimps are quite popular, it should interested people. Currently I have Red Cherry waiting to go to Dennerli and I have no problem with fish or crabs. Unfortunately the fish have trouble with crabs, which is only partially annoying because the Oryzias breed like guppies ... Hoping that the male become a little less aggresive ... because for a scavenger "opportunistic predator" I find it a bit too pro-active!
  5. Hello, I would like to introduce Mugilogobius sarasinorum but I am afraid they will eat shrimp. Do you know a list of fish compatible with shrimp?
  6. Some info for those who have this kind of crab: finally they eat the pellets of Novo Crab, I have not yet tested the other brands of food. In addition, I grow planorbs in another aquarium and I regularly introduce the largest specimens to give them live food, they love (the planorbes a little less). Since they have come out of their hiding place, I have seen them eat the dead leaves that I introduce.
  7. The system is running! Already 150 micro siemens after 30 minutes of use! I use a brewing pump placed at the bottom to stir salt that tends to settle. The CO2 diffuser is a CO2 nano kit from Blau. I did not put heating, I would see if it is necessary. What is good is that I can produce 20 liters of water at one time! Finish : 220 !
  8. Parathelphusa pantherina for crab, 3 currently in the aquarium and they are doing very well even if I wonder about their diet. After that I will first add the fish (yellow gobi + another species from Lake Matano) and when the aquarium will be stable and my technique developed, Dennerli shrimp. And for CO2 you have a flow to advise me?
  9. Hello, I maintain 3 Parathelphusa Pantherina and I realized that they did not eat enough. They eat the dead leaves of my plants, but there are few in the aquarium. They also eat planorbs that I maintain for them. But not the pellets of Novo Crab. I ordered Hikari products and I hope to be more successful. I noticed that the carrots seem to please them. So, I was wondering what works for you to feed them? Thanks to those who will have information on the subject! P.S .: I do not speak English, sorry if my English is rough!
  10. Thank you for your answer. For CO2, I have to use bottles? If yes, at what rate for a tank of 20 liters? Do I have to use particular airstone to diffuse the CO2 or those of oxygen are sufficient?
  11. Thank you for your answers ! I dissolved outside the aquarium, no worries ;-) Can I overuse your time and ask you to put a link to what you call "powerhead" and "airstone" , because I'm not sure if I translate these two words correctly! => I found myself alone. In any case it's really cool to have people with whom to discuss these techniques! Thank you !
  12. Hello, Sorry for my english which may be rough sometimes! I bought Sulawesi 8.5 for my aquarium and tried to dissolve it by heating but the result was disappointing. I get a conductivity of 120-150 while the result should be 220. And I can see the rest at the bottom of the tank ... A second method is to use CO2 but I do not know exactly how. What material should I use? I was thinking of using effervescent C02 pellets to put directly in the canisters of osomosed water, but I do not know if I can use the commercial one. Do you have a simple and effective method to find the theoretical 220 conductivity of Sulawesi 8.5? Thank you in advance ! Arnaud
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