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  1. Thanks for the tip, Han!
  2. Hey there shrimp folk! I have been looking for female scarlet badis for a long time now. Does anyone here breed them? Every LFS I've inquired with only imports males since they're the pretty ones. The only lead I can find is someone selling a pair on eBay and it's not guaranteed that their m/f. I've wasted money buying groups of them and they come in young and all male Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  3. 1) Poopians Trick or Treat 2) MN Shrimping. My birthday 3) Allicat leaves changing color 4) Metageologist, dear hunting. 5) FishyD, leaves changing colors 6) Archie1208 7) ShortGirl - It's Apple season!
  4. Could I dry them if I can't use them all?
  5. ShortGirl

    Hi all

    Welcome, glad to have you!
  6. I keep a 15g just for my rabbits. I also make them their own jello food I have 4 adults and a handful of babies. Here is some of the brood enjoying snowflake shrimp food. The latest adult I acquired gave birth to this little cutie. It seems to have a all black face with striped yellow antenna.
  7. I'm pretty sure wicker, rattan, and grapevine are spray treated after harvest and then soaked in chemicals to bend them or put into a jig/mold. My mother worked at a large florist warehouse for awhile and would get contact dermatitis when she worked with the wicker and grapevine wreaths. Personally I wouldn't put anything from a craft store in my tank. Most of that stuff is made overseas with lower chemical standards.
  8. Welcome to the forum! I'm an aquatic plant junkie myself. When the weather gets cooler we should do some trades!
  9. I'm subbed too! Did you know they have the ability to see many more colors then the human eye? So cool! So, Chris are you going to offer tours when your fish room is done?
  10. I've had alright luck with the Upstate NY postal service but I think it has alot to do with the driver. When I first moved up here our ups driver was horrid. Doing things like if the package was too big for the box he would walk half way up the driveway and throw the stuff at our garage door, if you were parked too close to the mailbox he would just skip our house etc. Finally enough people complained to the postmaster and he was forced to retire. When we got our new mail guy, he was SO nice and we were so happy we give him presents for the holidays lol.
  11. 1. Soothing Shrimp 2. Metageologist 3. Greenteam 4. Duff0712 5. USCGJay 6. James Aquatics 7. Poopians 8. MN Shrimping 9. Miwu 10. H4n 11. Featherblue 12.Xtratech 13. Pika 14. ShortGirl
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