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  1. Just my personal experience, but I had issues with bacter ae polluting my tank. When I switched over to magic powder I had a massive increase in shrimplet survival rate. If you are using bacter I recommend very very small amounts. I remember reading on here before that someone recommended wetting a toothpick and dipping that into the powder. If you overdo it you will have problems.
  2. New T5 light for the mixed caridina 17 gallons. Pretty cheap on amazon. Wasn't getting great growth with my led on these tanks so figured I'd try this out. I've also spotted a ton of taitibees (i assume you call them that when they are tangtai x tb?) in the tank on the left. Only camera I have is my phone though and not able to get good enough pictures. May need to invest in a camera!
  3. Not the best picture, but one of my tangtais has multi colored eggs. Never seen that before. Anyone know if thats normal during crossbreeding? Can't wait to see the shrimplets!
  4. In my experience that blue will turn to black as the shrimp gets older.
  5. Welcome! That's one heck of a great first post! Beautiful shrimp
  6. Two new tanks are off and running! I put sponge filters in that were running on other tanks for ages so pretty much instantly cycled. Still going to wait probably 5 weeks before adding shrimp juuuuust to be safe. Got the trusty ramshorns holding down the fort for the time being. So this journal may turn from a rack journal into a steel project journal. As you can see the rack is pretty much done. No more room! Had 7 berried tangtais, two have given birth in past couple days. The males in the tank currently are pandas and black pintos. However there were a few TT ma
  7. How do people/big time breeders get all the green algae on the tank walls? And is it actually beneficial? You always see shrimplets grazing on it, but never heard a lot of discussion about it.
  8. I've got 5 really nice tangtai females that are in the mixed TB tank. I want to put them into a new tank with specific males to start a more focused selective breeding project. I'd like to attempt to get some steels. What is the best male shrimp to put with them?? Red Pinto, black pinto, red panda, black panda, bkk? I'm excited to test this out and see what happens but wondering if anyone has experience with this exact scenario.
  9. Update!! Just moved last month and getting everything set up and going great! Tanks are as follows. Top Row- 10g bloody mary, 10g yellow goldenback, 20 long blue dreams Middle row - 10g tangerine tiger and red pinto, 10g high grade crystals, 22 gallon mid grade crystals Bottom row - 17g tangtai and mixed taiwan bee, 17g cycling, (probably for selective breeding of mixed caridina) 10 gallon cycling (for tangerine only tank). Breeding has slowed a little in the winter. Blue dreams breeding very well, crystals growing back out after sales to loca
  10. This is the most pregnant shrimp I've ever seen. Picture doesn't do it justice. I think the eggs may hatch in the next hour. Crazy crazy. This is my lower grade crs tank and is where i learned the wonders of the HMF. About a week ago all 12 females in the tank were berried.
  11. Curious, do tangerine tigers show a saddle? I've got my first batch at breeding age. Thanks shrimpers.
  12. Went with the hygger. Very very pleased so far, will see how it holds up long term.
  13. Rack allllllllllllmost complete. Put in yhe hygger air pump today and that thing is super quiet. Blown away by how quiet it is. No clue how long it will last but with that price tag I'm not too worried. Three tanks are cycling up top. Started one more cycling on the middle shelf. SL aqua cycling method, big fan. Added some black pintos to my black TB tank so interested to see how that goes. More updates coming soon!
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