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  1. Have 40 black rose neos available! 10 for $50 shipped 20 for $80 shipped
  2. just made some fresh food today let me know if you're interested. Open to trade as well. Won't last long so better hurry
  3. Am looking for a breeder of red cherry shrimp looking to buy 100+
  4. @wyzazz has very good quality tigers, highly recommended
  5. @LonelyZed hey there and sorry for the inconvenience I've been doing all my sales through facebook, the website didn't make sense currently. My paypal is jamisondaniel9@gmail.com just make sure to include to quantity you want also selling salvina and java moss if interested.
  6. @kuro No worries at all Will get that out to you today!
  7. @HumanArtRebel1020 if you would like videos of shrimp eating the food you can check out my facebook @TheBellinghamShrimpPimp
  8. Thank you guys for your continued support I have been getting orders almost every other day and it has been an amazing turnout
  9. @wyzazz @ILikeAsianBooty Thank you guys so much for your positive comments. It means a lot to me that my clients are enjoying the food that I am sending them! The response that I have received from the public has been amazing !
  10. @vinniemabuna That's so great to hear! Haha "pimping" shrimp one sale at a time! Yeah, I'm experimenting with some other foods currently and I'm planning on also offering an all natural ph dropper using tannins and moss ledges in the near future! Thank you for the positive feedback it means alot!
  11. @wyzazz thank you for the advice totally spaced it!
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