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  1. TDS reading is 0 and KH is 0. I took some substrate out of the tank as well as tank water to do a quick test. After 24 hours, the PH came out to around 6.4 to 6.5 as well (matching my tank). It looks like the substrate is no longer buffering to 6.0 to 6.2 as advertised. Has anyone else had this problem with SL Aqua Soil // or any other active soils? Soil has only been used for about 6 weeks, and always used RODI water with TDS 0 KH 0
  2. @JSak If you have the Stardust shrimp in with your Crystals, will they cross breed?
  3. Can having a bigger plant load cause the PH to go a little higher?
  4. I am using the API test kit, as well as a PH Probe. Both reading are fairly similar. The PH change isnt effecting the shrimp at all.. my main worry is this: Active soil buffers the tank to lower the PH, if it has to work hard to buffer it down, it will eventually burn out faster. Because the soil is suppose to buffer around 6 to 6.2.... I am wondering why it's higher lately, when nothing has changed / been added to the tank except for more plants.
  5. No stones in the tank. Oxydator should add o2 into it.. which can raise PH, but I removed it to see if it will drop. So far, no change
  6. Its RODI water, used from the same place since I had this tank set up. I don't believe it would be that.... even then, shouldn't the soil buffer it down? my parameters: GH 4 KH 0-1 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 nitrate 5-10
  7. So I've been using SL Aqua Soil for over a month, and as the tank was cycling the average PH was always around 6 to 6.2. In the last 2 weeks or so, I noticed my PH raising a bit, and around 6.3 to 6.35 when lights are off, and 6.4 to 6.45 when lights are on. Is there a reason why it's been higher than normal lately? Isn't the soil suppose to buffer it down to 6 to 6.2? Currently the tank has the following: A lot of Christmas moss Fissiden Flame moss I also recently added a sochting oxydator to add some extra o2 into the tank, to help with shrimp health. Is this PH change normal? Anyone else experience this while using SL Aqua Soil? (or other soils) Thanks
  8. I assume price dropped due to more competition over the years. If you feel like you got Non-E2's I would def hit up Joe. His reputation is pretty good, so I assume he will help you out. What's there to lose, right? I was about to order from Joe, but now I am hesitate...
  9. Interesting, have you contacted Joe to see what he says about it? I am curious what his take on it would be, if the quality of "E2" looks more like E3s
  10. I have some PRL CRS, and currently my TDS is around 155-160. If I use RO water to do my water change, and add some Salty shrimp remineralizer to it to bring the GH to 5... that would be around 70-90 ish TDS. If I used 90 TDS water, would that big of a difference in TDS harm the shrimp? Or should I gradually lower the TDS over time such as: Using new water around 130, then next water change 120, etc etc? Thanks
  11. Sounds good, I will def. check it out.
  12. Thanks for your responses! I just wanted to make sure they have enough supplements / food to help their molts and wasnt sure if biofilm was enough. @wyzazz for mulberry leaves, is this more appetizing than a indian almond leaf? I have a leaf in there as well, and they almost have zero interest in that... haha
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