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  1. A little come back to my shrimp topic This time also in English Hope You like my shrimps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaPTxAD4ctw&t=271s
  2. Something about molting problems - almost killed 2k $ tank with PRL High
  3. I'm alive Aother Update with english subs
  4. As You wish, this time something from my trips bucephalandra tanks [youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3BEJ-LSow0 [/youtube]
  5. Here we go with new movie, this time Crossbreeds:
  6. And another update. This time with diffrent audio setup:
  7. It's TaiTiBee pinto zebra
  8. They are about 220l, like 1m long, 50 cm high, 50 cm deep.
  9. A small update with light:
  10. Thx guys for encouraging words. Been busy recently, but yesterday I saw this little TangTai Fellow. Hope u like it :).
  11. Hi guys! Thanks for great feedback. I took me a while to make this decision to start English part of my channel. I usually post movies on weekends from Friday to Sunday about once a week, two times a week, it depends how often I'm on farm - it's about 50 km from my living place. Next movie will probably show my 30 l tank in my office for food supplementation testing. My friend told me a lot about the importance of biofilm in aquarium and I want to test how will the shrimp population develop on some commercial food vs new tank on my own food. Maybe I'll need to develop silage food production process.
  12. A bit afraid but I decided to post first English movie
  13. ShrimpFarm Project Hi guys, it's high time to show our little project that we're making in Poland to the world. Right now we are trying to establish quite big shrimp farm in which we will be able to keep shrimps and crossbreed to achieve new fenotypes. Right now we have some 19 l, some 27 l and some 60 - 220 l tanks filed with different types of shrimps. We have also developed our own shrimp food and active soil. You can watch our progress on YT (right now the channel is only in Polish but I'm planning to start posting movies in English version aswell). YT channel is on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwFhl2YeofJEUzsfIfW8ULQ And some of our shrimps in atachment. I'll try to update this topic as recently as I can.
  14. Hi guys! I'm quite new here but I keep shrimps for a long time. Hope I can share some of my shrimps and knowledge!
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