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  1. I'm down for a bit of both to try out!
  2. a note on using peat moss. I have some in a HOB and part of the mesh back it was in was hanging out the back and started to drip. I caught it before a gallon leaked, but it definitely ruined the drop ceiling in the room below. Didn't have an issue for a few months. Just make sure it's tucked all the way in the HOB.
  3. I picked up baby bio since I read someone else having the same issue. I've had great luck with it. On my first batch of PRLs and I can count about 20 at any given time so I assume there are a few more in there as well. They are about 5 weeks old so far. Hopefully they stay alive for another month or so. Should be in the clear at that point. Also, my heaters were drifting to get hotter and hotter. I ended up getting a cobalt 25W heater and I love it. I set it to 68 to play it on the safe side. Lots of people in my shrimp club suggested to stay below 72 as well. I'd check your hea
  4. Thanks! Guy I bought them from had them in Neo pararmeters and he said he wouldn't get them to breed at all. I figured bee parameters were better. I think I have something in between at the moment since I filled the tank with tap water and topped off with some extra bee water. I'll slowly bring the parameters down with water changes to get them level with my PRL/Bluebolts since I'm starting a project with them
  5. how much substrate did you add? I have 10gal tanks and they stay around 6.4 with Fluval. I would add a bit more. Or maybe it'll just take time to go lower. I've had good luck with Fluval and they started breeding once I started using shrimp specific remineralizer.
  6. Is there a general consensus on this? I was planning to keep them at 0kh, 5gh, ph6.6. Thoughts?
  7. chloramines should be filtered out right? I actually use my waste line for my fish tank assuming these are gone after the 2nd stage. Also, if the weather is cold it might affect your water coming into the house and will make your output less efficient. Also, getting a pump will increase the output. I need to do this on mine....
  8. I use dual sponge filters for this reason. Just take half and put in a new tank to an instant cycle as well.
  9. I'd get some hard pink insulation for the back and use black background (or whatever you want) so you don't have to look at it. During the day I would use a low power heater (do not cheap out on this) and cover them with a towel to keep the cold out as well. Also, If your window faces south you might be getting too much direct light which can heat up the tank too much. I'd highly recommend a cobalt heater. I had some that were supposed to keep the tank at 72, but ended up getting to 78. My cobalt I can dial it in and it's fully submersible. Nice write up btw!
  10. 7/8" diam, 12" long clear plastic gravel cleaning tube, length expands and two small heaters would be great! Shipping to Chicago I assume would be cheap
  11. found this Good place to start? Anything else you'd add?
  12. First post here so if i'm missing something go easy on me. I have some PRLs that I'd like to continue to breed, but I wouldn't mind getting a couple other caridina or adding a caridina to the PRLs to get something new. Obviously this would be in a new tank so I don't mess up the line. I'm just wondering how you figure out what patterns do what and if there is a basics of cross breeding or a chart I could reference.
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