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  1. Ill keep it in mind wyazzz. Grand do you have cherrri culls pic vs cherries regular?
  2. snowball picture? ? My water ph is on the higher side .. would this be okay?? also Is snowball a neo?
  3. looking for shrimp of low prices please help me out , I need something for the 55g.
  4. looking for cherry shrimps or any shrimp for one dollar per shrimp or so...
  5. This is amazing Im inspired to try this.How do I know how much ppt I have per ten gallon? how much is a good ready ppt? Teaspoon?
  6. what if the others watt isnt enough? id rather have one good one that can heat well.. than one that may not be enough or have to work all its power to keep it sufficient... 55 is not small for me.
  7. Whats a good 350watt or higher to heat my 55g? adjustable preferred . anyone selling as well?
  8. Beautiful Which one is the third to last photo in the original post ? ( red w red eyes) red devil right??
  9. how much for red devils it doesnt say? Do you have a pic of the deep blue oebt that isnt edited? also pic of black choc roses.
  10. whats the params and substrate for the OE reds? Also pic of super reds? What kind of shrimp is the first pic?
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