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  1. qa2744.....were you able to get a replacement from Cobalt?
  2. Better to add the highest grade painted fire red instead.
  3. Hello AmanoNoob....how many amanos do you have? Everyone will tell you about the "dance" that male shrimp display when a female is ready for breeding. How often are they behaving that way? Is it just the males or is everybody acting like that?
  4. Marks Shrimp Tanks is a leader in this hobby. Really nice guy, too.
  5. Wow...what a great assortment. The harlequin are nice, too. I also had an issue with those nasty seed shrimp, but got rid of them with a couple of cory catfish. They were fine around my adult shrimp but I did see them eat a baby! Thats when I took them back to the fish store.
  6. OMG!!! Look at them! You are the man!
  7. My Gawd, they are beautiful....of all the shrimp to choose from, these are the ones I want.
  8. I've read several different places that say CO2 injections aren't good for shrimp. You may want to do some research on that.
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