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  1. Hi @briscoe, I do not believe that there is such a thing - a scented product shrimp safe. Scented products usually contain volatile chemicals. Worse is scented product using diffuser. The diffuser diffuses not just the scented chemicals but also stabilizers to maintain and stabilize chemicals. Some of them have pretty good solubility in water - you can look them up. If you have aquarium open-top, that is just asking for problems. If you insist on having one, my recommendation would be the following: 1.) Have aquarium cover. This will not make your tank chemical proof. B
  2. Hi @HumanArtRebel1020 You can integrate sponge filter with your canister. This is what I have in my setup. Depending on the inlet/outlet size of your canister, buy appropriate flexible tubing and sponge filter. I believe that the hard tubing on the sponge filter will go into a 1/2" I.D. flexible tubing. I hope that this will help.
  3. Hi Everyone, It's been at most 2 months now since I gave an update. There were few changes in the shrimp tank and few addition. One major change was that I upgraded my filtration system. I have been having problems with my filtration system before. I have to engineer my filtration system this time to run my pump and chiller efficiently and get sufficient filtration and flow in my tank. It was a success. At the same time, I was able to make it so that I save so much space. I removed my Riccia Fluitans. To be honest, my shrimps like this plant. But I had to remove it. It
  4. For reference, here is the list of plants that are thriving in my shrimp tank: Fissidens Splachnobryoides Cameroon Moss Hookeriaceae Moss Distichphyllum Maibarae Riccia Fluitans Mini Bucephalandra (unknown sp.) Monte Carlo Hydrocotyle Tripartita Marsilea Crenate Anubias Nana Petite Anubias Nana Anubias Coffeefolia Anubias Nana Pinto Java Fern None of these has been targeted by my Sulawesi snails.
  5. I forgot to mentioned on my previews updates that I did have new addition to my tank. I bought two types of Sulawesi shrimps: TYLOMELANIA SINABARTFELDI and TYLOMELANIA ZEMIS. Both are known to be two of the smallest types of Sulawesi snails available in the market. So far, I have not observed breeding yet. I do want to report that I am keeping them to temperature as low as 69F. No death. I have been keeping my chocolate rabbit snails in this tank and they have spawned few snails. They can thrive in this temperature. Good news to people who want to keep rabbit snails in temperatures lower than
  6. Hi Everyone, One month has almost passed since my last post. I'd like to give few updates to my shrimp tank. Babaulti Zebras: They are breeding all right. Their breeding has slowed down but did not stop. I think that I have enough shrimps to sell (at most 2 packs of 10 each). But I would like to wait for few months. I may have 3 packs by then. We will see. Leopard Tigers: It has been almost a month since I observed few baby leopard tiger shrimps in my tank. Now, these guys are everywhere (population explosion). I might be selling leopard tiger shrimps befor
  7. Hi Everyone, I would like to give an update about my Caridina Rubropunctata that were acclimated in high pH. After my last update, most of the females became berried. This indication is a proof of the possibility for them to thrive in hard water. Reminder that I started working with them as juveniles. They grew and acclimated well as adults. Today, I saw this sub-juvenile, which indicates that the acclimation experiment is successful. We can conclude that Caridina Rubropunctata can thrive in hard water. Again, this might be the first case, at least, to be recorded. F
  8. Hi Everyone, It seems like I will be able to sell homebred Caridina Babaulti Stripped/Zebra in few months (don't know exactly, but definitely before near the end of this year). Anyways, I just want to know some rule of thumb you have or advice when you sell your shrimps. This is a general and a broad question. I want to be prepared when the time comes. Any input is very appreciated. Here are some sample topics that I can think of: packaging (ways to properly pack shrimps, materials to purchase), shipping (options and cost), shrimp price (market vs. personal evaluation), number of s
  9. Hi @Riaan S, I like to share my experience with Bacter AE. I have Babaulti sp. Zebra shrimps in my tank, which is 20 gallon. The shrimplets have very slow growth compare to regular dwarf shrimps. I remembered that I used to feed lots (e.g. half scoop) of Bacter AE as well. Survival rate increased but I noticed hydras. Good news that the hydras were not all over my tank. They were growing on a specific area in my tank, which is weird in my opinion. Anyways, after eliminating the hydras, I constructed a feeding schedule. I feed my shrimps once a day, five to six times a w
  10. Thank you for pointing that out. Here is a more comprehensive step-by-step calculations.
  11. Hi Everyone, I believe that I have to do some updates. Bad news first. I still could not get my OERBT to breed. I do not know how many I still have left, but I won't be adding any more. I have raised my white flag on them long time ago. But I will still be mindful of them. Now for some good news. My Caridina Babaulti sp. Zebra Stripped colony is growing very strong. Babies from different sizes and multiple berried females are everywhere. I am very happy and proud of them. That said, I won't be selling until I met my ultimate goal. I am happy to share my experience to an
  12. @nicpapa This is indeed very interesting topic. I have seen many people talk about slow breeding or no breeding in winter or cold season. Most people hypothesized that this is caused by atmospheric pressure change in cold season. I do read publish papers too (high five!!). In fact, most of my info about shrimps are from these. I stopped inquiring from other shrimpers due to inconsistency and lack of fundamentals. Most of the things that catch my attention, I do take with a grain of salt and then inquire principles and understanding first before I take them seriously. My advice, however, is be
  13. @aotf Sorry for late response. Yes, the assumption is that the LED light is only 80% efficient, which means that 20% of the energy (i.e. electricity) is being converted to heat. I am not really sure if this is true for my LED. Keep in mind that not all LED light have the same quality. And not all companies provide some information about efficiency of their product. I kind of see where the confusion is coming from. If you have an LED light, you have probably felt the backside to be a bit warm because of the heatsink. We are dealing with three different type of heat trans
  14. It seems like I was able to remove my water pump as possible source of heat waste. I just submerge the pump in a container with water and my aquarium water barely change temperature through the course of the day. We will see how effective this is in the summer. For now, I think my biggest challenge is my freaking LED light. I need to engineer it to enhance heat transfer. BTW, yes, I was able to observe the LED light effect on my aquarium temperature.
  15. @nicpapa Interesting observation. However, to state something like this, there has to be some connection/speculation (e.g. why does barometric pressure affect shrimp breeding?). But an observation is an observation. You are not making up something. So this might be something indeed. Theoretically speaking, oxygen solubility is better in cold water compare to warm water. However, shrimps activity are lower in cold water than warm water. Taking temperature out of the screen (assuming that temperature is indeed CONSTANT = does not change EVER), there might be some outside factor that affects shri
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