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  1. They have a button that you press and it will run you lights on a simulated sunrise to sunset pattern
  2. They have a button that you press and it will run you lights on a simulated sunrise to sunset pattern
  3. I am interested in starting a colony of red galaxy or FRT shrimp mid-grade. If anyone has anyone has any.
  4. I just got a new finnex planted plus 24/7 light for one of my shrimp tanks to replace a different light fixture. I already had an older model on a different tank and I started thinking. You always here that the 24/7 button is just a gimmick doesn’t really work or change anything, so I decided to do an experiment. One tank I have it set to a timer with the light always on max and the other tank set on the 24/7 cycle. I only started about a week ago, but have noticed some surprising changes in behavior with the tank with the 24/7 cycle. I use a matten filter for filtration and rarely would
  5. Looking for a good source for extreme blue bolts. Thanks!
  6. I recently have had three berried females release their shrimplets and I am noticing that the crs mischlings are growing faster then the blue bolts. I wasn’t sure if this was maybe because the mischlings got released earlier or the blue bolts just grow slower. Has anyone ever noticed a difference before? Thanks Chris
  7. I have always used Salty shrimp to remineralize my ro water, but have been doing some research and I really want to try a liquid remineralizer. Some of the brands I have seen are MK Breed blue diamond, SL Aqua, Lowkeys and Glas Garten. Anyone have any experience with these and which ones worked best? In addition, where can you get them. Thanks in advance! chris
  8. I had a similar problem using ADA Amazonia light it dropped my pH to the low 5’s it just finally started raising this week after like 5-6 months.
  9. Since I started my 10 gallon tank with ada Amazonia light soil and a hmf several months ago my pH has always run low like 5.4-5.8. Suddenly last night I went to do my bi-weekly water changes and testing and the pH is up to 6.2. Not believing it I checked again today and the pH was 6.15. Does that mean finally after 5 months my tank is stabilizing? Thanks in advance. Chris
  10. Have had a couple of deaths lately and thought I was doing something wrong and was starting to get discouraged and then I came home and found this little guy tonight!!!
  11. I have just started feeding more powdered food maybe I will cut it down and continue to suck out the junk behind. Thank you for the response.
  12. I have started having problems with my nitrates rising in my 10 blue bolt tank with a hmf on it. So I was doing a water change to see if that would help then noticed behind the hmf there was about a half inch of brown detritus so vacuumed as much as I could out. Could this be the reason for my nitrate spike? Thanks in advance. Chris
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