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  1. I am under a project crossing Super tigers and YKK waiting on the shrimplets.
  2. Awesome shrimp's beautiful Blue's, The female you use for this cross is a Tibee from a Snow White with Aura Blue is that correct? It does not look like a normal Aura Blue is been cross once right? they don't have a line on the back normally. interesting cross love the blue's.
  3. Yes really good algae cleaners, they eat all types of algae's, the variety is unknown the only records of this shrimp is from Brazil but they are different they are Potimirin, Potimirin, Glabra is from the family of the Atya different specie. And still this one I got is totally different from the one on this site below. they have reported two varieties Potimirin, Potimirin and Potimirin Brasiliana. http://www.planetainvertebrados.com.br/index.asp?pagina=especies_ver&id_categoria=24&id_subcategoria=19&com=1&id=162&local=2 They are
  4. Hi I got a shrimp specie that only reproduces on brackish water like the Amano and been breeding them using the same Technic. They are call Potimirin. looks like Amano but they are from Costa Rica and have red color and blue with red spots. But most of them looks like the one on the picture below. Like your project great work I have not been able to succeed without people like you experimenting years back and sharing knowledge about the process. Thank you.
  5. Not a doubt, Grant has really cool shrimps. But keep us updated with your project.
  6. Any updates on the Stardust pictures. Following thinking of getting some.
  7. Nice post Grant love your Shrimp. Nice Pictures.
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