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  1. Damn May you got some pretty shrimp there.
  2. how much are you selling mini pellia for?

  3. is Dazalea legitimate seller?

  4. how do you accept payment ? where are you shipping from?

    1. mlsthuy1


      paypal, and from 95121

  5. if i buy 5 blue bolts are you gonna throw in some females?


  6. Check out shrimp and plant auctions on fb 

    Joe have some in auction


    1. avonsurfernc


      ok thanks only problem is I'm not on fb. Thanks again!

  7. how much for 10 blue bolts?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. avonsurfernc


      you going to throw in a few females? where you located?

    3. plamski


      My shrimps are juvies only.Cant guarantee number of females . In general customer feedback is at least 4 females from 10 shrimps.

    4. plamski


      I'm in Boca Raton,Florida

  8. You have any painted red shrimp for sale ? I have black crystal shrimp for sale I live outside philadelphia. Text me if you are interested in any black crystal shrimp. 484-319-8863

  9. you selling any more of the royal blue shrimp?

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