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  1. Hey guys! I need some help identifying this plant to see it its truly aquatic or just semi-aquatic (cos the stems look a little too thick for a stem plant) My friend identified it as pogostemon quadrifolius but there doesn't seem to be much info on it! Anyone else with suggestions on what it could be? Please let me know Thanks in advance!! Some Photos of Mystery Plant
  2. Hi prismviolet! Welcome to the hobby! It's nice to see that you're doing the necessary research before diving into the hobby That's not something that's done very often (guilty as charged!) I hope the following statements will help to answer a few of your queries but they're just based on my past experience and some head knowledge on chemistry so here goes! 1. Active substrate doesn't give you a kH of 0. Only RO/DI can give you that. The purpose of a buffering substrate is to ensure that your water remains soft (i.e.low pH) with some stability by only leac
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