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  1. I killed SOOOOO many glass heaters, you really have no idea!! (i started fish keeping early in life too lol) The last heater i bought (and will continue buying) are the Aquael unbreakable! Man they take a beating. I second on the AQ controller for temp, so much easier to callibrate!
  2. Hi all, Im excited to be active on this forum! I am new to shrimp, and I dont have any atm, but I am setting up for them! I have a few questions about active substrate, and how it affects water chemistry... I hope you can be patient, but I did search, and couldn't find definitive answers that could help me. 1. When using an active substrate that makes the KH basically 0, does this affect the balance of PH? I thought that KH was essential to keep the PH stable? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of having a buffering substrate? As the substrate removes the KH
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