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  1. I run my gh about 3.5 and tds ~150. The blue dreams in the tank are breeding like crazy, however I haven't had a single berried galaxy. Snapchat-1105429688.mp4
  2. Thats definitely true. Winter is the busiest time of year here.
  3. Let me know if you find any, as im looking also. Blue crown aquatics let me special order some with my stores last wholesale shipment. Not sure if they sell them retail as well.
  4. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully the return process isnt a hassle. Maybe a beamswork would be a good fit?
  5. Nerites are my favorite snail both for freshwater and saltwater. They're amazing algae eaters, do not exceed the size of a quarter, and only breed in brackish water.
  6. Id do it after. For some reason I thought it was a 5g. You will want to do an even smaller water change than .5g of RO. I would add the soil afterward. The soil should soak up the KH as well but the gh will only drop with water changes with lower GH/RO water. If youre worried about doing it too fast maybe do a water change using just gh+ to a gh of 3-4.
  7. I didn't realize you were still cycling the other tank. If u want to lower the hardness and pH I would add more buffering soil and do .5g pure RO water changes dripped in slowly.
  8. I honestly just recommend doing a very slow drip into the estabilished tank. Like 1 drop every 1-2 seconds and let them drip for overnight or all day.
  9. I found one of the auratai shrimplets dead and I only see 2 more small ones. All 4 adult shrimp I was sent seem to be doing fine and I still have both aura blue tigers. Im hoping it died from stress and being so small. The body was about the size of a pencil tip. Im not sure if the rest are hiding or if ive lost several of the tiny shrimp. I have 2 black pintos being dripped so I hope there are no issues.
  10. Im picking up that guy and a fishbone pinto tomorrow. With my discount they're a steal.
  11. I believe everyones still alive. I was sent a bunch of really small shrimp so its hard to do a roll call. There was a molt/dead shrimp however. It was completely translucent so I believe it was a molt as the rest of the dead shrimp ive seen turn a weird color and seem cloudy. Adults usually have a harder time surviving than juveniles correct? I was sent 4 adults and a bunch of tiny juvies.
  12. A little gem that popped up in a black pinto order at work. Its metallic purple with a zebra pattern.
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