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  1. Hiya Y'all! Dose any one have any info on Bio-Floc with ornamental shrimp? Quantities of Bio-Floc to use in nano tanks of less than 5 gallons? Has any one experienced deaths using Bio-Floc?
  2. Hi I am interested in your green shrimp!
  3. Hi! I am 8nterested in buying some shrimp... I do have a question on the Mosura On the Red Mosura.... I have a tank with RKk, BKK, Blue Bolts and Shadow Pandas. What will happen if I add Red Mosura? I don't want to jeopardize my other shrimps genetics.
  4. Hi! I am interested in placing an order for some shrimp. I am interested in getting from your list..... Stardust Caridina Shadow Pandas Yellow King Kong Racoon Tigers Will Racoon Tigers interbred with other shrimp? I am also looking for..... Red/Peach Bolts Blue Leg Poso Not sure if you have any or if you can point me in the right direction on shrimp you don't have? I will be going out of town soon for about a month. Would it be possible to buy and ship in October? Best Wishes😁
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