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  1. Most of my Blue Carbon Rilis have died on me, failing to molt but other than that everything is going fantastic. I know this because I seen one being eaten alive with the molt half stuck on it. Luckily they had some babies and the babies are doing just great. The few remaining BCR are also berried. The Taiwan Bees are steady cranking out babies. Just had another batch hatch a couple days ago which feels good. And other than that all neo populations are exploding. Just yesterday I finished cutting my HMF's to size and cutting holes in them for the jetlifter. I'm hoping to have those filled up with water and start cycling by the weekend. And then I will get them all separated into their own tanks. Oddballs and mixes and lowgrades will be separated and kept together in a cull tank or tub.
  2. I think I'm getting some golden bees out of my recent batch of taiwan bee babies. About 4-5 of them have no red/white striping, just a uniform coloration over the whole body.
  3. It's juuuuuust barely visible with the naked eye. About the size of a pencil dot from a very sharp pencil. I did some googling and it does appear to be some kind of water mite. Some sources say they are parasitic and some say they are harmless so I really don't know, there's probably ten thousand different species of water mites.. One good thing I found though is they seem to be an indicator of pristine water quality. I'm kind of freaked out but also curious at the same time to see what else is living in the aquariums. I'll do more microscopy later this week. It's just a cheap $20 USB microscope from amazon.
  4. I decided to take a closer look at some mulm growing on my cholla wood with my USB microscope and what I found living in there is mildly terrifying haha. Anyone know what is it?
  5. Yesss I love shrimp room tours! can't wait for that one
  6. Hi shrimpspot. I put Orange and Yellow neos together in the same tank and some of the babies are coming out green and even one is blueish. Is this a result of mutation, hybridization or is this genetics from a previous generation being expressed? Or do Oranges and Yellows simply not breed true? Also I'm wondering if shrimp can hold onto sperm to fertilize eggs at a later date? Before any shrimp were berried there were 3 greenish wildtype looking males in the tank but they were removed before any females were berried. Thanks.
  7. Welcome BeetleNerd! Beautiful tank you have there and great choice of shrimps. Like you a long time fish keeper I've been tankless at times in my life too. Feels great to get your toes or should I say fingers wet again. 😁 👍
  8. Big update. I'm starting to get the hang of this shrimpin thang. Things are going great! All babies from the last taiwan bee batch survived and mama is ready to drop some more eggs in the next day or two. I'm still doing non stop drip water changes, haven't missed a day. The first neocaridina tank I set up with oranges and yellows is poppin with life. I've got about 100 babies in there of various sizes/ages/colors, couple more berried shrimps, bunch of mts and different kinds of algae growing. And in the past month or so I picked up some fire reds and blue carbon rilis to add to the collection. Eventually I'll get them all separated into their own tanks. The rack overall is coming together. I just need 1 more 10 gallon tank and some lids and I'm ready to be shrimpin and pimpin with 6x 10's and 2x 20's. I've got all other equipment that I need just have to get the lids and get them set up and cycling. I made up a little spreadsheet to keep track of my water parameters. I was doing on a notepad before and the data was very unorganized lol.
  9. Glad to say that the babies are 16 days old now and at least 20 have survived. Most I've counted was 22. I've been feeding about a half a pinky nail size amount of dry powder food every 2nd day and I've been doing non stop drip water changes of about 5-10% per day(1-2 gallons) by dripping water from an airline hose. It may be overkill but it's working a lot better than last round of babies which only 1 survived by this point.
  10. I don't know I'm a noob but my neos are saddling and berrying. I'm expecting 2 of them to hatch within the next week. And my caridina just gave birth about 10 days ago. If I had to make a wild guess I would have thought temperature and sunlight hour change would be the trigger for spawning before barometric pressure. Then again that's just a wild guess. Forgive me but I'm not understanding how barometric pressure affects underwater pressure. Can anyone break it down for me? Also I watched your video on the topic last night @Shrimp Life 👍
  11. I ended up rehomed the rabbits temporarily to their own heated tank. and my taiwan bees had babies! They are 9 days old now and I counted 19 this morning while the lights are off. yay!
  12. So after falling in love with these mini rabbit snails and reading up about them I think I want to turn that empty 10 gallon tank into a sulawesi tank. I have a few varieties of sulawesi available to me through SKA shrimps. I don't know they seem easier than taiwan bees? I see lots of folks use inert substrates but what about something like seachem onyx which is said to raise kh or a cichlid substrate which keeps pH high? are those overkill? Will they alter gh and kh too much? My neo tank is pH 7.6 up from 7.1 with flourite black substrate. I know they claim it doesn't alter params but it certainly does. I'll have to do some testing to determine whether it alters gh or kh.
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