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    Sunkist and blue velvet neocaridina. Pond snails.
  1. Changed the air pump to an AQUATOP AP-100. Rated for 50-100gph. 3.19psi x 2. 4 Watts. Tell me what you all think? Is there anything I should do different? VID_20181112_034148.mp4
  2. I have a 5g tank(upgrading to 20g when cycled). Fluval 50 HOB w/ 2 bags of Cnodes w/a sponge blocking the intake. Temp is 77. 8F(I will bring that down when they go to the new tank at 73F). The water is between .150-.200TDS(.200TDS I do a water change). Using tap water with Prime. Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrites 0ppm, nitrates 10ppm. Feeding Nori(seaweed), Spirulina Flakes from Cobalt, assortment of Shrimp King food, occasional blood worms, and today I put in a 1/4 piece of Tumms for calcium. I have lost 3 Sunkist. 2 were lost in the past week(1 was berried😢). 1 was lost 1 week prior. I feel as though a few of them do not look healthy. Blue shrimp look all fine. Check out the video and tell me what you think. Thanks for help. I don't know if it is, because they are molting due to new water parameters, but the orange seems to be fading. VID_20181109_074625.mp4 VID_20181109_075243.mp4
  3. Okay, I just checked out the HMF. That's a lot nicer setup and so simple to do. Wish I knew about that before hand. Seems a lot safer for when the shrimp are swimming around vs hitting a pocket of bubbles rising and getting tossed around. I might want to rethink this tank. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks for that. So roughly 20g. 30g would be safe to say and adjust it with the valve stem I have already. What is the circumference of the sponge filters you use? The Aquatop CAF-60 is 5.5" in diameter and 8.5" tall.
  5. Well I can get somewhat of a guesstimate. I don't know how to word it properly, but what is the flow/air pressure/gph for it? Then I can take that and divide it by 30. Unless you have adjustable valve stems on it to turn them down. If you are straight lining them. You may have answered it. Say if it is a 300g pump÷30 units it flows to = 10g pump
  6. What would be a suggested pump that is not to pricey in the $20 range. Like I said before to the other person I have no clue for the stats on these types of filters. There is no videos that I have seen of someone saying,"I have this sponge filter and pairs perfectly with this air pump and none of my baby shrimp have ever died from it." Someone saying get a higher rated pump doesn't really answer the conundrum. What is to low and what is to high for a sponge with this circumference? I am not trying to sound like a jerk about all this. I can see how it would be. I just always want what is best for them to be happy with.
  7. Does the bubble amount look okay for the girth of the sponge? When I lift the whole thing to the top where the water line is and the tube is barely braking the surface. Water is coming out. To high and it just bubbles.
  8. I put the Aquatop 60 CAF dead smach in the middle so it disperses evenly throughout the the tank and draws in suction from all around the tank vs one side. Also it is a little forward in the tank so I can observe them. It also reduces the amount of bubbles from popping at the top and hitting the splash guard to the T5 fixture. I am looking more to breed shrimp. One cause they are cool and the other reason is for my Pea Puffer. She is a hunter. The pond snails are more for feeding her, but when the population of shrimp need to be trimmed down. I know where to find them. The air pump I was looking at is the Uniclife adjustable nob with a single stem. There is also a 2 stem pump. It probably produces more GPH. I was thinking of getting the 2 stem and combining them with a T valve and line that into the Aquatop 60 CAF. Right now the Top Fin 5g is looking good with bubbles. Low flow for sure. The contact time for Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira, and Nitrobacter bacteria to consume ammonia and nitrites to break them down to nitrates can work both ways. Slow flow will be more contact time. High flow more times circulated to pass over the beneficial bacteria. I just don't want to see 20-30 baby shrimp get sucked up. Rather them just enjoy a fitting stable environment. So if anyone has used the Uniclife adjustable air pump. Let me know if it is any good. Thanks for the help! VID_20181107_235304.mp4
  9. I do not have it figured out. That's why I am still asking. There is nothing online that I can dig up aside of the creation of more suction with a longer tube. I like technicalities and I am use to it with having a 65g reef tank. I have heard every song and dance from stores, but I know it is always best to ask the buyers vs the sellers of products. For example if you happen to have T5 bulbs on your shrimp tank to keep plants alive. There was a set standard time when everyone believed that you should change out the bulbs and that was 7-10 months. It's not true. You can do it after 15-18 months. So this brought the standards of the 2 comparisons of an LED fixture that gets a lot of praise in the reefing community, but the lighting efficiency is not even comparable to a T5 cause of shadowing. So now all LEDs is best known for is color adjustability of the tanks lighting vs a T5 that is plug and play and can be cheaper in the long run if the T5 fixture last longer than 5 years usually rated for an LED and LEDs start to lose PAR after 3 years.
  10. What would be the reason why to go bigger? The air pump is quiet on a carpet/rug in the other room. It's not the air pump mortar that is loud at all. Actually ya can't hear it. It's the vibration if put under a cabinet or hardwood floor that would technically make it loud. I am looking for like someone who has conducted a study on intake that knows the differences in pressures, because just saying go bigger with no significant increase of water drawn in that could be changed only by the length of the tube that comes out the top. I would just need a longer tube to draw more suction vs a bigger pump. Cost difference would be about $20.
  11. 20g and yes this will be the only filter. I have a 5g cycled about a month old with a FLUVAL 50 with 2 bags of Cnodes in it with a sponge on the intake that the shrimp are in now with 4 plants. Lit by a T5 with an ATI Blue Plus and Coral Plus. I am looking to transfer when it is finished or separate the blues and Sunkist when the 20g is cycled.
  12. I have an Aquatop CAF 60 sponge filter that I am about cycle for my neocaridina tank with a Top Fin 5g air pump that I had laying around hooked up to the sponge filter. I have a few questions regarding the setup due to never had used sponge filter before. I can handle technicalities. So fire away and thanks for the help! My questions are: A) Is the 5g Top Fin air pump good enough for this size sponge filter? B.)What are the real major benefits or negative impacts between using a 5g or 20g pump? C) Would a 5g air pump be more beneficial for baby shrimp so they will not be sucked into the sponge filter.
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