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  1. False alarm! She isn't berried, I think it may just have been lighting or something else like that, but thank you for the assistance nonetheless!
  2. I know it's hard to see, but can anyone tell me if they think this cherry shrimp is berried. She has a sudden coloration that wasn't there previously, she is really small so it's hard for me to tell, she is sexually mature and there are males in the tank. Thanks
  3. Already done! I emptied out all the plants and all the shrimp from my tank and then shot the temperature up to 50° Celsius. Those buggers are dead!
  4. I have a friend who has 3 pregnant Amano shrimp, he does not want the babies but I do so I offered to borrow them to hatch the eggs. I know the basics to hatching and keeping the larva alive, but does anyone have anything really important or some tips and tricks to increase the larva's survivability? thank you!
  5. Alright, thanks a ton for the offer man! I'll shoot you a message as soon as I get those parameters!
  6. @wyzazz Alright cool, I gotta let the tank establish first, I used half water from my established 5 gallon, and the other half is treated tap. My test kit was damaged recently when my cousin came over and knocked it over and decided to trample it (kids, wanna strangle em sometimes!) I'm getting a new one this Friday, so I all I got parameter wise is temp and pH (I have a separate pH tester) Once I get my test kit this Friday I'll be sure to hit you up! How many weeks you think it'll take to get some new ones? I imagine you breed them yourself.
  7. @wyzazz would you know where to get Orange Eye Royal Blue Tigers? They look absolutely beautiful and I am definitely considering getting them! Thanks!
  8. I have a 1 gallon aquarium set up on my shelf, it used to be a scud farm but there are no scuds left, I took the whole thing down, dried it out and redid the scape. I made it using things I found outside, sticks, rocks and soil (I boiled the sticks and rocks and sterilized the soil in the oven at 450° F for an hour) and I am looking for something that could match the scape I did. It consists mostly of gray stones, with some dark brown sticks and sand. I would say it sort of looks like the edge of a lake. I already have a RCS aquarium and wanted something a bit different. I know it's very small
  9. Ah, so it is probably the reason my scud farm is now empty. Thank you for the ID!
  10. Can anyone id this animal? If so is it a pest, and if it is a pest is it a harmful pest (damaging to other living animals or plants) Thnak you!
  11. Yeah I'm Canadian, so no matter how hard I try, it's just in my blood to be polite
  12. Well the store only had 6 Thai Micro Crabs left, so I bought them all and picked up some more shrimp. Now I just have to get the crabs to breed, which I believe is the easy part, then I just  need to find a way to save the larvae!


  13. I'm sure we have all had a shrimp fail to molt, it's sad, but we just accept it. I have been watching this cherry try to molt all day, it's arching and her back is splitting, but she isn't molting. Could she be about to fail and die? And if this does sound like a failed molt, is it possible, in speculation of course, to save a shrimp that is going to fail before they die?
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