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  1. I figured it couldn't be that easy or you would have done it. Very cool Amano project you have going. Thank you for responding & sharing
  2. Here's why I ask. I was taking out some amanos from a tank on a top shelf. Looks like some crawled out of the net and fell into a bottom brackish Opae Ula tank. They've been in there for going on maybe 5 months. I saw a berried amano with my neos and wondered what would happen if I put her in my brackish tank?
  3. Why not pull all the shrimp out & put them in a separate container or tank? Then go through this tank to get it back on track?
  4. Any idea if the babies will hatch from a female if she is in a brackish tank with a salinity of 1.010?
  5. How many are you looking for?
  6. I have Blue Dreams with my Galaxy Fishbones . The blues are in a TDS of 130-140. Doing fine & breeding. Would do better Under my tap which I have other Neos & Tangerine Tigers in.
  7. Why not do the opposite. Lower your TDS to around 125. I keep Neos in my caridina tanks.
  8. Are you just using the local tap water? Are you using Salty Shrimp Sulawesi 8,5 Minerals and Trace Elements?
  9. Pics please of the culls. You can also email me the pics. I've bought from you twice before
  10. @TheGardenofEder What do you have? Give me all your options.
  11. Anybody have some nice red Tibees? looking for 10 - 20.
  12. Interested in the red tangtai. Looking for at least 20. Pics?
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