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  1. Hi Shrimpernoodle - All are variation of red with maybe a few mixed variety. I can give you 30 - 40 for free (they are culls that I've been reluctant to discard). If you are in Chicago area, you can pick them up with no shipping charges. Paul
  2. I have some RCS available for a good home. Northwest suburbs of Chicago.
  3. I'm looking for some also. Prefer Chicagoland area. Thanks,
  4. thanks, i wish my shrimp were as hardy! I will keep squishing away. BTW I also dropped in three assassin snails, so lets see if that works
  5. Here's what I want, has anyone ever seen this? I want a dual outlet timer that will allow me to set alternating intervals between the two outlets. Here's the use case I have two powerheads in my tank, I want to turn them on /off on a short time cycle (5 -10 min each) to create an alternating current in my tank. Right now they are both on at the same time, which creates dead spots within the tank. Anyone solved this problem already? I couldn't find an existing product, but this would seem easy to make with today's programmable timer technology. Thanks,
  6. I exploded in population covering the tank glass. I am not a flatworm, but maybe some other type of planeria? i am not a detritus worm. i can be knocked off the glass by running the algae scraper over me, but then i float to the bottom. Liquid Fenbendazole greatly decreased the population by 90 % over three days of treatment but did not kill them all. i can be smushed like a pond snail but am much much smaller. (about the size of a pencil tip) Any ideas what this is? and how to treat it? i could dose again? the tank is a 15 gallon plant and shrimp and snail exclusive (no fish). i am guessing these are hitch hikers from some plants i added about 2 weeks ago. Thanks Paul
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