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  1. The rusty color could be an indication of chitinolytic bacterial disease, a bacterial infection that affects a lot of freshwater shrimp. If he seems fine otherwise, than I would keep an eye on him but not separate him yet. If it advances and you think he is ill, I would isolate him in a hospital tank and treat him and your regular tank water (chitinolytic bact. disease can be caused by a variety of in-tank factors like poor water quality or long usage of soils). Could be a color change due to a new substrate as well, but that seems less likely.
  2. Green and brown areas are normal. Different types of algae growing down there. I don't think it's harmful, I've certainly never had a problem and I take it as a sign of good tank health. I would work on getting your water hardness down. You say you're using distilled water - do you mean water from an RO filter? Because distilled water, like the kind you'd buy from Walmart, can contain a variety of contaminants at safe levels for humans but not shrimps. Generally all metals and inorganic contaminants are absent in distilled water, but some pesticides and herbicides etc can remain es
  3. Biofloc might not be a good fit for something as sensitive as shrimp. Nitrate accumulation can be a big problem if too much is used and/or the shrimp can't eat fast enough. Also, you would have to pick which shrimp you use biofloc with very carefully, because additional alkalinity is often necessary to get the biofloc to thrive. Depending on where you live, biofloc can take a nosedive during the winter and rejuvenate again in the spring, so you might want to watch out for that. I imagine that a nano tank wouldn't be the best place to try it out - a large tank might be better so that nitrate ac
  4. She might just be abnormally large...the Marfan's Syndrome of the shrimp world. The odds of even 75% of shrimplets being born male is highly unlikely due to the genetics of gender. It sounds like this 3cm male is slightly smaller than normal, so compared to her the size difference would definitely seem odd. I would say that if they are both healthy and happy, don't worry about it. Just like people, shrimp must have the Sandra Allen of their time...
  5. Yes, they look like copepods to me. They're little white bugs that hang out when water conditions are good and their population isn't being reduced by predators. Copepods are generally harmless, but if they annoy you, you could look into methods of removal.
  6. I have read a lot about shrimp and lobster behavior and my one takeaway is that very few demented human beings can be as horrifically cruel as the average male crustacean.
  7. Used to live in Central/Northern California, and while I never kept shrimp outdoors I did keep a variety of salamanders and snails. What I can tell you is that mosquitoes will lay lots of eggs on your water, even if it's not brackish, if you don't put mosquito netting over everything VERY securely. I learned this the hard way early on in my organism housing when I drove off my neighbor's cat due to the sheer volume of skeeters produced by one tank. Pros: No cats eating salamanders in your backyard Cons: No salamanders either Congrats on working it out with your shr
  8. I've never seen it in that bag before when I am online browsing. I've only seen the tub with the brown image. Maybe you got a rip off, or more likely, they are reaching DEEP into their stock to fill orders. I can't say because I don't use that brand, but I would use with caution. EDIT: I looked it up and that is new packaging. If they are redoing their packaging, they may very well have altered their formula. I can't find anything that mentions a formula change in the product description, which seems like they would if they are changing it that significantly...
  9. Well? What happened? Please keep us updated. I'm very curious.
  10. Awesome color! Wish I had room, but I just moved to a tiny college dorm. Out of curiosity, did you breed these from other green jades, or somehow get the green through other colorways? EDIT Haha never mind. You already mentioned the parents are green jades as well.
  11. Hi! I'd like to print out a couple shrimp pics from your gallery to decorate my dorm room. Would this be OK with you?

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