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  1. Sorry, I mis-spoke. I used 6l, to achieve a 2" depth. not much less but I'll carry out another water change and see if that helps.
  2. Hey all, I've been lurking for quite some time now and after seeing so many healthy shrimp around here, I decided to set up my own 10 gal shrimp-only tank 'bout 2 weeks ago. I used about 8l of ADA Amazonia fine and reg 50/50 and planted a healthy amount of low tech plants. This is my first freshwater planted tank and first time keeping shrimp, I come from the reef side of the hobby. I finally picked up an API "master test kit" and tested to see where I stand in this fishless cycle. I started with a 100% w/c after 24hrs, another 100% 24hrs later then a 50% w/c 24hrs after that and the tank has been cruising along undisturbed since then. I tried this method after reading Shrimp Farm's suggested method (since then I have seen/read ADA's recommended tactic of the month long w/c schedule). My current params for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate seem a bit excessive so I was looking for some advice. The tank is currently planted with no livestock and I'm not sure whether I should leave the tank until nitrites and ammonia are undetectable or do a massive w/c or a few smaller ones to bring down some of the levels, especially nitrate. I'm really in no hurry and I want the tank to be very well cycled and matured before I add any livestock, I'm just very confused how these numbers are so high! My eyes see ammonia at 2-4ppm, nitrite at 2ppm, nitrate somewhere between 40 and 80... did my best for a clear shot. I'd really appreciate any and all advice!
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